Why J. Sully – Frea Robinson
Genre R&B

Why J. Sully

Sitting here wondering why
I keep all my thoughts to myself
It’s brings no wealth
But I’m here
Wondering why
Getting real high
Sitting here wondering why
I still can’t roll for shit
I left that up to my guy
But he’s not here no more
And now I’m
Sitting here
Sitting here wondering why
Wondering why

Keep all my thoughts to myself
Brings no wealth
Shoulda told you how I felt
Just started our game
Didn’t get to play it long
I still play our song
Our private convo
Publicly gave me my break through
Hear me through this song
Sitting here wondering why
Mentally unstable but FreaRo
Should of been there for u
I ignored your cries
This new motivation was because
Of you
I should of told you
But murderInk said you died
I’m not the only one wondering why

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