Why Did it Have to Be Me? – Sweet Tee
Genre Rap

Why Did it Have to Be Me?

The first day that we met, it was love at first sight
You were my thoughts everyday and dreams every night
This was it and I knew it cause it felt so strong
In my heat and my soul that this love would be life long
But you were to fine and I was too blind to see all the games that you
Played with my mind
All the agony...baby can't you see [How could you do this to me?
I asked you time and time was there someone else
You always said no thinking of yourself
Not that I'd be hurt or torn apart
Didn't make a difference if you broke my heart in two
Cause you knew how much I loved you
Everything you say, everything you do
I could go on and on and on like a chant
But to forgive you I just can't
Now I know it wasn't meant to be
But why did it have to be me

Why did it have to be me?
Please tell me why?
Why did it have to me?
Tell me, Tell me,tell me

You know it use to be great
Just you and me
You'd take my hand and we'd walk down by the sea
I remember when you asked me to be yours I said yes
Because without a doubt, I knew I had the best
You bought gold and diamonds, and furs
A car, a house with towels marked his and hers
You'd hold me so tight that I'd wanna pop
But then I'd whisper in your ear, don't stop
Things started changing, what did I do wrong
To have you pouring my heart into this love song
You'd leave in the evening, return in the morning
Say that you're tired, but you're not even yawning
You smell real good, but it's not your cologne
It's the scent of a perfume that I don't own
Now I know it wasn't meant to be
But why did it have to me
Please tell me why, why did it have to me
Please tell me why, Tell me, tell me [uhhh...hhh
[repeat twice]

You know, one thing you'll learn is true
What you do to others will turn around and be done to you
It's the way The Almighty made it you see
Those who give pain will receive it eventually
Cause love is secrete, love is loving, love is love
It can't be replaced with anything you can think
But one day its gonna happen to you
The girl that you loved, she won't love you
Then you'll see how it feels when you can't eat meals
And you find out the heartaches are for real
Then you'll think about me
Just think about me
But don't call me
Because you'll be looking in the mirror and asking yourself
Why did it have to me?
Why me? Why me?

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