Yeah yeah yeah yeah
This is what it is

This is what it is
Cookin in the stu like I'm in the kitchen
22 they don’t wanna see me winnin
Callin me Gunna, there's no P I ain't pushin’
Fresh in the game see the opps and they runnin'
You see the bag and you fumble it
I see the bag and i'm countin it
You are my student I am your teacher
Don't wanna answer your prayers I'm not your fuckin' preacher
Your girl look at me wearin' nothin' but a t-shirt
22 life is good can’t wait for the future
Your problems benign to me just like a tumor
You pull up with thе stick but I bet it’s a ruler
This just how it is
This just what it is
Wappah takin' over thе game baby that’s just what it is
Talk your shit but you don't belittle me
Your raps belong in the little league
So please stop comparin' standin next to me
Tryna predict the fuckin check that's next for me
Got me a baddie and she my everything
Can’t wait til I get me a wedding ring
Feel like the starter you just play second string
What I'm saying is you'll always be under me
There's no way you can hinder me
In fact a couple plaques would work wonderfully
This is what it is
As long as errbody know
This just how that shit go
Feelin super like I just won the bowl
You just sit around smokin a bowl
Bitch you're raps ain't sharp like a pencil that's dull
Black X6 Phantom when I go ghost
Home field advantage when I host
Countin' the bread like an abundance of toast
Pagne in the glass when I'm raisin' a toast
Pane like window pain but champagne in the glass when I'm raisin' a toast
Don't worry about me after hours
I'll be in the back rollin' packs of sours
You ain't nothin' you just a coward
I let my bars speak for themselves I'm fuckin' Colin Cowherd
2022 my year that's just what it is
My rhymes too tight that's just what it is
My rhymes too fye that's just what it is
But I guess that's just what it is huh

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