White Fence – Raven On White Cadillac
Genre Pop

Raven On White Cadillac

Raven On White Cadillac lyrics

If you die on the ride, that's best
Kept alive. Lie on your side and
Dreams come alive
Or climb a wall
That's what we're born for

It's just a scratch
On the Cadillac door

Say your prayers to the wet
Cement. You'll never change them
If hard to find. I'll never walk a
Mile in your shoe. Or have the
Money for hard cement
I know where my love went
You are a little strange
But that's preserved
It shouldn't mattеr who's love you
Take. I may be privilеged, but
I'm a hard living man
Beauty opinion and always good

I am the raven
On the Cadillac hood

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