White Fence – Hard Water
Genre Pop

Hard Water

Hard Water lyrics

You're a shoot 'em up actor. Pin
Eyed profession. Wear your silver
On your hip, for so long you're
Known for it. But, you need some
Change. Like a start or a middle of
A come down, frozen on what
You do, But that's not you
Your father would do anything
Like a guard at an adult gate
And you don't drink, hard water
You cleaned every city street
Shook every exposed hand
And walked out on your man
Shot him right in his heart
You can't be everything
It's so hard where you drink
I see you shaking....
As an elephant

Brown tear drop violin. Gets
Better on the year. The shop lady
Says: "Feel the tear inside."
You've acted for so long
You're the perfect fit for it
Have you ever felt hard water?

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