White Fence – Arrow Man
Genre Pop

Arrow Man

There is no vision
Birds-eye the maze
He sees it only from his side
Window of life
Safe life......
Hey old man can't you wait
Spit on the seat, my surrogate
Life from window dust disease
I'll breathe you in
You'll have to see
Give my seat to arrow man

We wear shells like the egg
Uzi paper pierce the page
Lazy white and out of time
Arrow man shoot holes of time
Dusty window, dust disease
Mexican girl you have to see
Push me, push me!!
Kick that girl?
Not in this world. It's freeze time

Peace time, not this life
Wrap string, on everything
Fragile to the boys in blue
There's 20 other lonely men
I'll give it right to arrow man...
Listen right here, arrow man:
You once shot straight
But not again
I'll be your gunny just today
But you scared that girl
To heaven's gate, birds-eye maze
Caesar waste, from your side of
This window life
Give my seat to arrow man
My respects to arrow man
Swift silent deadly arrow man
Give my seat to arrow man

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