While You Sleep – Naevus
Genre Rock

While You Sleep

Verse 1

It’s too late
To be careful now
You aped me
As I ran to you
I couldn't hear you
When you looked at me
And now you stand behind me
When I speak to you
You were childish
All day long
And at night you grow
Before my eyes

Verse 2

You are older now
You dress yourself for bed
You drown me in your sheets
You choke my wicked mind
You ferment me alive
To preserve me from
The specious child
That wants to do us harm
I could never allow
The trust that you breathe
To bе betrayed
While you sleep

Verse 3

I lеan away from damp air
Into the folds you provide
Your breath spills onto your pillow
It drugs me
What I’m thinking now
How could I not mean it?
So I will say it aloud
While it’s still true
I won’t do it again
How could I?
The way that you sleep
How could I?

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