Where Are My Panties (Interlude) – André 3000
Genre Rap

Where Are My Panties (Interlude)

IntroAndré 3000

The morning after...

Spoken Word Verse 1Toni Hunter

What time is it? 7:48!
Where, where are my, where are my
Where, where are my panties?
Oh my God, where are my panties?
Damn, where? I don't–
He gon' think I'm a ho
Fuck that, I liked it
I was drunk and it was my birthday anyway
Maybe I should just lay here and let him touch my booty
Mmm, but he don't even know my name

Spoken Word Verse 2André 3000

I know she think I just think she some kind of ho
I don't give a shit about givin' it up on the first night
That's just lettin' me know
She know what she want outta life
What a hell of a way to goddamn wake up
Ooh, that shit was good
Oh, maybe she'd get me some breakfast?
And, she so goddamn sweet, sweet as she wanna be
Ooh, I just lay, ooh, I wanna lay in her hair
You can't fall for it, don't fall for it, Ice Cold [Ice Cold!
Maybe I just roll over and just lay on her booty, yeah
Naw, no, no
Nah, just lay here and be cool, be cool, Ice Cold [Ice Cold!
But what if she's the–
What if she, what if she, what if she's the one?

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