What's Up With That – Master P
Genre Rap

What's Up With That

[[Master P]
Yo, Silkk man pass me a 40 you ready to do this shit or what
Lets show these motherfuckers

Master P dont take no bullshit
What up with that x4

[[Master P]
I anit no joke and the TRU should be told
I write some rhymes and this shit go gold
Master P dont take no bullshit, thats what they sayin
Straight to the top, endo they layin
Its time to house the set, and put some some punks to rest
And let you motherfucker know that im the best
Back in the days I used to lie for fun
Now im gettin and im number 1
Hardcore jams, and dope fiend beats
Man I never sell out punk that just mean


[[Master P]
Ahh once again
From the south now im kickin it in cali
I spot a gold chain, a beaper, and some balli
My main intension is to get paid
Forget fame I write some shit that fucks with you head
Like Issi, kissi, risso, get off my jock your little his hoe
Bates heads out for the pissite
Mothers leaving kids in the middle of the nizzight
Runnin those kids just holler
But the dope man dont give a fuck, hes all about the dizzolars
But if you mess with me, you pressin you luck
Cute la shoot luber im a rapper that dont give a fuck


[[Master P]
From the hood, but you know I ain't a gangbanger
A straight, could never be a slanger
I left home because mom started bitchin
Now im gettin pid livin from the rags to the riches
Hoes only out for the money
Brothers on the corners gettin bossed like dummies
I can't drive through the hood without dogin the cops
Young girls used to jump, roll now they sellin cock
My brother used to play nintendo
Now the only game is to sell that endo
Our house the set like a vet
Im the new kid on the block, you bet
Fuckin with P you got a hella of nerve
Go back to sesame street, you look like big bird
Or put your dukes up punk if you want some
Or get your ass chewed like bubble gum


[[Master P]
Ive been ruling the mic ever since my younger days
Them C's start shivering, cause im sharper than a razorblade
Control the crowd like a shark in the ocean
Subsitising my rhymes like a genie posion
My dj g scratch gives him a hit
But the cops can't catch P cause im legit
The no limit mafia, is on the hip-hop scene
And if you down with master p, let me hear you scream


[[Master P]
Yeah we out here chillin in K-Lou studios

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