What is love – Ashton mallory
Genre Pop

What is love

Feat. Lexii Alijai

verse 1ashton mallory

What is love like i'm really confused
I know love hurts but i'm feeling abused
Laughing at my pain
Are you feeling amused
Words paint every feeling I am filling a museum
AM to the PM
Writing you a letter better than up in your DM
Writing you some letters better than getting some cheddar
Rather we get it together
Better if you ever see 'em and read 'em and weep
We live in the belly of the beast
Wе ain't spoke in elevеn weeks
Hope that we get to speak
But even if we speak ima choke
Cause I know any moment you can cheat
Guess I was a scrub
You ain't even show no love
You ain't even keep your promise I guess I wasn't enough
If you think your new boo is
Then I wish you two goodluck, nah

verse 2Lexii Alijai

But you the one with no attention to give her
You the one that had to mess it up with her
Now you tripping
Cause another nigga checking up with her
Stepped in the picture
She's the only one he mention on twitter
So how you feel now
Gotta be trippin' cause another nigga care
You no longer in the picture cause another there
She ain't trppin' got another nigga spare
Now she got her fingers running through another nigga hair. damn homie you was sleep
Now you missing her everyday of the week
She never gave a fuck what another niggas think
She ain't even take the time to listen to 'em when they speak look, down for you
My nigga she held it down for you
Even when them other niggas tried to clown on you
She kept it real and probably dropped to the ground for you, you gone be hurtin' when that shit come back around to you

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