Westside Delly – Bleach Soul Reaper Cypher
Genre Rap

Bleach Soul Reaper Cypher

Verse 1Byakuya [Nicky Trakks

Yeah, you ain't fucking with a captain
Bankai, I don't think you really want this action
One cut, catch you slipping, then we get to slashing
Bloodstains, someone get the Bleach and the rag quick!
Yeah, we don't leave no evidence
If we catch you talking slick, show up at your residence
I got a Hollow for you Hollows, and I keep it on my hip
If you want it, then you got it, why you fucking with the kid
Listen, yeah, I don't think you understand
First we stick you in your ribs, then we fucking up your mans
What the fuck you think this is, I'm like the Riza with my clan
I made an oath I gotta keep, so I'm sticking to the plan
Yeah, look, plus I'm fly with the blade
Hakuteiken got you cautious, when I put it to your face
You should watch out how you talking cause I'll pull up where you stay
Leave you looking like the logo, now you going up in flames

Verse 2Mayuri [Mac Ro

Allow me to paint this black and white, you got the wrong guy
Always been ready to fight or sacrifice, that's why I don't die
Never the type you know for playing nice, I let the fists fly
I'm ending your life and, nah, that ain't the baby, that's my Bankai
I'm a savage, sorta selfish scientist
No one else can be the best, reason is cause I exist
You can step up if you wish, end up on a Petri Dish
I insist, every move is calculated, never missed, ha!
Thinking I got no moves left, now you're on your final breath
Step to me and bring your best, all you got, I'm not impressed
Got my foot up on their neck, ain't no S up on my chest
Not a hero, just a threat, this a battle to the death
Hey, over in a second, but it's feeling like a century
Call the drug Itachi, how I kill my foes mentally
Careful when you mention me, the end is what you'll meet
Ain't nobody perfect and nobody's meant to be!

Verse 3Sajin [Jamar Rose

Komamura, the biggest blade that's slicing through you
Been blind to bullshit, but now I hit medullas
Inclined, it's bout time I get my best shooters
Big dog, my pack gon bite if we running through you
Think the temp fine, put your toes in, and check the water
I've been known to put the mask down, and leave your team as fodder
I've been known to raise the blade, and leave you leaking for the slaughter
Suit of armor Shogun, how I'm standing, I don't take dishonor
When they run this back they gon say that the boy not really trying
Rolling up their pack, the Soul Society smoking on that Aizen
Thinking that you touching on the biggest dog you get enlightened
To the fact that I was holding back, the times that we was fighting
Tell me who is stepping up, your blade was never big enough
The gang was always feasting, but I swear you wasn't eating much
That's why you turned your back on us, you couldn't see, you dumb or what
So I'ma let you peep the beast inside for tryna murder us!

Verse 4Jirou [Darrnell Bradley

Cupping two bad bitches in the left and right, check the hype
So even in a battle, she let me come for the neck tonight
He weak and mad in denial, but swinging bad for awhile
Thought he was cute while hitting walls, I turned a Chad to a Kyle
I ain't a killer, but don't push me
Revenge just leave me annoyed, rather go get pussy
Cause I'm more laid back than laid back, reacting while laid back
Rather get laid back behind the dojo, it's straight facts
But do not be tripping, just cause I'm sake sipping
Get stopped with dishes, and like your honor, you might go missing
You get surprised when I'm violent, forget your pride when you dying
My blade a spatula, I flip your side just like you was Aizen
Mean girl on my low hand, playing games on my fingertips
Mean, have you seen the bitch
And she with the number one captain, commander of them thighs
An enemy or I'm in between, call me your senpai

Verse 5Toshiro [InternetAaron

You versus me in this test of tools
In this froze zone you freeze fore the metal moves
Captain of the thirteenth, bad luck like the phantom
Where you niggas reside? I call that shit my shadow
Jack Frost, the winter breeze that'll kill your whole summer
Call me doctor Hitsugaya cause this blade will put you under
Pause, short in stature, but can't reach my height
Think I sent the dogs at you when this frost bite
Don't worry bout the blades, they ain't slicing through you
The ice around here gone freeze your movements
Say you the best, yeah, who you fooling, we don't measure up, go get the ruler
He needs to say that he is the best, someone go check out how he's doing, is he alive? Is he OK?
Toshiro Hitsugaya, the ice dragon who can freeze fire
Four four with the white hair, try to name a Reaper that you think is flier
I bet you can't, frost Bankai that's known to obliterate
Any foe, battle me is a one way ticket to the death row

Verse 6Renji [InternetMikey

I make em back up, all the Hollows talking tough until I act up
Glass on, you gon need a suture when I slash up
I'ma leave his body hollow, when I pull up, it get sticky
Top class up next, I make em dance like Nicki, uh
The master of shade, blade got more bite force than a snake, wait!
Soul Society, top propriety, more variety than your stolen style, you see
All in behind Rukia, grid harder than a Nokia
Soul snatcher, unit blacker than Ethiopia, your chances of death is a cornucopia
Any Hollow wanna be a body
Bone dragon drop em steel hot and tidy
I'm the man with the plan, red hair real swag
I'm the man from the clan, nigga, I'm in my bag
Sixth Division call me Leutinant Dan
Tatted all over, six two when I stand
Grade A student, I'm top of my class
Born to lead, so bitch, give me my badge

Verse 7Ichigo [Westside Delly

Ayo, cut it, they see me coming
Every Hollow start running, I get it jumping
Challenge me, I dismantle beings
I'm a battle fiend
RRenji to the left of me
Zangetsu protecting me
How you think you can step to me
If Aizen ain't a threat to me
Respectfully, Ichigo hitting em from the neck to toe
Even as a Hollow I only grow, power overflow
If it's blow for blow, I'm not your Average Joe with a Zanpakuto
Coming for your soul, reaping what I sow, when the Bankai glow
So listen, bro, better bring protection, bring a lethal weapon
All my niggas flexing when we finish stretching
Chalk em out, I get to sketching, Skelly get to spreading
Vasto get to yelling, now I'm feeling devilish, yeah

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