Welcome To My HOM – Tick Tock
Genre Rap

Welcome To My HOM

[Ticky gotta get 'em, Ahh!]


I’m a smart rapper only try to rap smarter
Wanna reach the point of dropping hits just like Tha Carter
My life is like a book; it gets better at every chapter
1st $hade of Blaq, how about a shade darker
Day to day fam all these hits keep dropping
And what the masses don't see, Sound Cloud popping
As crazy as it seems man, it don't take much to kill it
It’s just, slip you a xanny, sip your syrup, sip your syrup, write your lyrics
Record it, upload it and watch the M's stacking
You got Ben Franklins, I can see your pants saggin'
But hol' up! It's really different in my country; everybody judges
You may be good but you don't have a spot within my budget
I put a poll like, “Should I sell my music?”
I thought twice and said, “Damn it, I could not do it”
Though I get messagеs like, “Ticky don't forget me whеn you make it”
Second thoughts to all these niggas, ain't no names I’m finna mention
Major love to G’s doing their own thing
A thumbs up to those who're piping every trendy wave
The first rule of being an artist; better brand yourself
Niggas tell me this but they’re the same one's who lack knowledge of themselves
Like eesh Bruh! Such a shame
Everybody want a red carpet walk inside the hall of fame
I'll pass that, blood
I want people to honour me
Not inside the hall of fame, but inside the Hall Of Me


From the floor now I'm headed to the ceiling
Everybody call you family when you’re winning
I tell ‘em this is only the beginning
I tell ‘em this is only the beginning, yeah-yeah

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