Watch My Back – Endoh
Genre Rap

Watch My Back

Verse 1

Aye it's perfect time
Shorty call my phone and Ima press decline
And I do this shit so easy I don't gotta try
Shorty said she in love bitch I know you lying
Bitch I know you trying
Why you hit my line again
Steady hit my phone, you know I hit decline again
Why you trying to take my
I told you no bitch why would you try again, try again
All these hating ass people so I gotta watch my back
I ain't never had shit so I'm never ever lacking
And I'm too damn raw pussy I ain't talking Smackdown
She saw me in the city now she text me where you at


She wanna be with me
I gotta watch my back
She wanna step with me
I ain't going like that

Verse 2

West Coast soldier, came to fuck it up now
Now she wanna come over, she say I run it up now
I do it for the west, west, west, west, west, west side
Its the best coast yeah, its the best in my eyes
For my city Imma die for it
If you disrespect the gang, he gon fight for it
can't lie for shit
He got beef but he never ever slide in shit
Slow it down one time
Choppas in the sky sounding like a drumline
He say he my bro but I know he won't ride
Ima send yo ass home and yo momma gon cry
Ain't somebody out the that's city fucking with me
If you say its fuck me then that's whats its gonna be
Born and raised in the 909
And you know that I'm the best coming outta SB


I got love for the west, I got love for the west, I got love for the west side
Just know I'm trying my best yeah, I'm trying my best, no I'm trying my best
Sometimes I don't wanna be here so I sit in my car all alone just to get high
Too many days just getting by high
Too many nights just getting by high

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