Vylet Pony – Apparition
Genre Pop


There’s something deadly
In the way you move
There’s something sickly
In the words you told

It’s a prison
Just a game
In my mind

An apparition, oh
Such as yourself
You know, I know
You know I see right through

But maybe I’m getting
Ahead of myself

In a world of mystery
How could we know?
When the tides are strong
And our hearts are open
We will find a way

Thieve under the stars
Time waits for no soul
Memories you’ve tucked away
Will crawl right back to you
The thoughts you’ve long forgotten
Will be realized in this chasm

In the Locus Room
The place where all things meet

I can see the death
In his eyes
He knows a place
Where our secrets lie

My heart is pounding
And I don’t know why

Anticipation for a
Memory still buried
This fear I’ve slighted
Overtakes my fervor

We look across
The sands we fought

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