Vikar – That Bangsar Girl
Genre Rap

That Bangsar Girl


Yo guys!
So the other day I was in Bangsar right
And I saw this fine looking chick
And I told myself, Yo man up and go say hi to her
So I went to her and I said
"Hi! My name is Vikar!"
And she was like

Verse 1

Oh yeah you’re the guy right
You make dumb videos online right?
I’m like yeah, I guess so
Do you watch my videos and enjoy it tho?
She’s like nah, you ain't my type
Your jokes are too offensive, I don’t like that
I’m like Ah…you’re that bitch
You see the worst in everything, even jokes which
Doesn’t mean I mean it only meant as a joke
To get a couple laughs but sure go on and be woke
Call me out on Twitter over women jokes I wrote
Best believe I didn’t say this these were only mental notes


Alright Bro calm down
She’s still looking at me like she want some
So I asked her “Wanna get some drinks”?
She Rolled her eyes and then go to ask me “what you think”

Verse 2

I’m like bitch I’m asking you
I don’t know why you’re givin me this attitude
She’s like I’m sorry, its just not my day
But I think you’re really cute and I want you to stay
So we hit the bar
Got some drinks pop some pills, caused a scene, getting in
We settled in about to kiss I grabbed her cheeks, everybody lookin at us
Everything’s in half speed
The drugs we took are kickin in, next thing we’re in my crib


Alright bro calm down
She lyin down there like she want some
She bit her lip uh downtown
She got the finest lookin tits hands down

Verse 3

I’m like “u wanna use protection or u wanna go raw?”
She’s like “do whatever tiger” scratched her body and she roared
I’m Not here to catch diseases so I open up my drawer
Pick a condom up to strap it on too young to be a father
As I walked to the bed my moral compass starts to kick
Do I really wanna do this? Should I really bang this chick?
Now She’s callin me to come and do this really short and quick
She goes to pull her panties down to reveal her humongous dick

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