Vic Mensa Spazzes in 15 Minute Freestyle on Sway In the Morning Beat 1 lyrics

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May 24, 2023

Vic Mensa Spazzes in 15 Minute Freestyle on Sway In the Morning Beat 1 lyrics

Introspective revelations of a disinfected generation
Trying to Lauryn Hill we ill from miseducation
We lost body mass due to mass incarceration
I'm open hearted like a cardiac operation
Diss me I'll write a dissertation
I don't need no jewelry I've been on trial for my tribulations
I didn't file chapter 11, went bankrupt
Shit was hard, I let it drive me, now I'm back up
Suburban homes, chauffeurs, and black trucks
You see us in the latter don't cross that it's bad luck
Fuck wit me, Ye through the wire, cause I crashed out publicly
But I survived, cause I was strapped up
I dealt with murders on my head, bounty situations, county visitations, psyche ward inpatient, suicidal thoughts was just my imagination
I felt like David Ruffin battling temptations
I found solace through my meditation, I started balling serving 1/8ths of cannabis to cancer patients
It's kind of crazy when you put it together...8 balling cancer...how can I be this clever
My aunt got a skin tumor from lightening cream, she fighting them demons, I'm just writing my grievance
When the Hennesy X.O. in my belly can't help me, I just need to get away and write for the weekend
They re-wrote history, put whiteness in Egypt
Erased our ethnicities and stifled our freedoms
Willie Lynch in me made niggas hate niggas till infinity
That's even if you making 8 figures
A figure 8, I figure skate, my wrist a crystal lake
I fell victim to addictions in my mental state
Stupid shit like dissing Drake, that was a big mistake
But when you raised in a cage all you know is MMA
I dissed yachty, dissed ack, dissed triple x
It was disrespect, it made the fans disinvest
I lost M's like a Dow Jones regregression but every L taught me an invaluable lesson
I'm back now with intention, helped make Moose a free man he was a child in detention
Gang in the field trying to drill like Yoshi, Mitsu from Tekken they spin around with a weapon
In the chi they criticize how we live and die, till we eat each other alive because they fed us lies
Just think of Judas and a black messiah
How the FBI murder Malcolm using shooters in a NOI
Fucking playboy bunnies I'm reenergized, now she want to come home with me, I ain't Cameron Giles
I'm Wealthy and I'm well endowed
I don't need the ass miss I need an address to send these pounds
I lost 20 P's at UPS, I'm on the TV screens and I'm thinking about the movies next
Rapper talk foul in them subs online and then they be surprised when my team starts shooting techs
Victor album now, Miss Amansa Musa next
Spit to sick to kill with some Mucinex
I embrace niggas with open arms, I put faith in em, they turn around and nail me to the crucifix
I resurrected though I'm truly blessed
I found new success, I'm using my music checks to invest
Now I own my own businesses, I let my light shine and made green that's photosynthesis...keep going

I let my light shine and made green that's photosynthesis
I know they oh so sensitive
I don't even need a pill on the real because the flow so limitless, I'm on some Bradley Cooper shit
I beat the mushroom case and now I'm back on they head that's a Coopa kick
With Mario in el bario, got cartel connects
Benecio Del Toro circadio
I almost said adios to audio
Got addicted to sniffin cause I seen that as a snotty nose
Listen to me sway
That's what I seen as a snotty nose, she OD'd and her body froze
They banging a 6 in my city grown men killing 5 year olds
Me...I took the higher road, I'm just an immigrant in a foreign, I'm bumping Favio
Sway you came to my Country, you been to Ghana yo
You seen the way the mother is struggling in my fathers home
No clean water something green coming out the spokes
I spread my heart in these bars, I don't make art to choke
I was a teen trying to dope, my mentor from high school is now fiending for a rock to smoke
So you think for me succeeding is optional, pops came from poverty
D&D impossible
I stopped blaming the industry, cause the enemy inside the mirror that's the only thing stopping you
No red octagon, that's just the optical , they incarcerate our prophets because its profitable
That's why I'm popping this shit this for the jit(?) without a pot to piss in or a poppa to pick him up from school
So they popping tools, leaving coppers clues, on the gram like detectives ain't watching they moves, leaving confessions in popular tunes, and its cracking on the tube so that's the music that we rocking to
Your just a product to a label so they market you and persecute you like Praswell when it's time to prosecute

My mind floats to the night that my nigga Jordan Day was slain in a shoutout with his brother in his mothers house...the way we raised
Shakespeare couldn't create the stage
A million dollars down the drain and I couldn't wash away this pain
That's why I take a private plane out to Punta Cana, I'm in the punta like a monster...a chupa cabra
The shoes is prada, the suit by a new designer
Flew by in a green spaceship...futurama
I'm meditative like the Dalai Llama
She was a one night stand, somehow she want a knight in shining armor
I need a pen to rewrite my Karma, I got a lemon squeeze if niggas think its sweet, that's an Arnold Palmer
I'm over the dram like when Uzi was out his deal
I'm in the black now, I'm peeping how positive feel
Just by my background, I survived environments ya'll would of drowned in like a fish in the water with gills
Suicides in the field, we was taught to do drills, so we got sick in the brain from society's ills
And we treat beats by Dre like anxiety pills
Cause basically you take plea when you signing these deals, 25 to life or the later of recoupment
They consolidate my rights like they made a nigga music
They trying to dim my light like Jay Dilla from Lupus
They murdered Fred Hampton using traitors in the movement
I'm cognizant of culture vultures in this helter skelter
I drop a deuce in a soda like its Alka Seltzer
Far from a saint, I resonate with Franklin, but I'd rather make the changes in the hood like Alton's shelter
I'm straddling the line between love and hate, the street is just a circus so niggas learn to juggle weight
You got to tuck a 9 when you coming up in section 8
I never met Logan Paul, I'm still yelling fuck the Jake
Still dealing millions of dollars of dope legally
The best kept secret, I'm trapping with no secrecy
I'm in a different weight class, niggas can't compete with me
Starting fake ass beefs with me I call it Vegan meat
...I'm beyond it It's impossible to make me bite, never a biter check my writing credits
The judge caught me with a 40 cal I bet he wish he gave me life
Had me in a cell doing calisthenics
Yet I prevailed cause my talent weathers every storm
My back strong you can see it in my deadlift arm
I shine bright even when I got no necklace on
And she gave me neck long so I call her Stegosaurus
Yeah I had an article, next I need a spread in Forbes
I took my L's, fell back, and developed more
Fightin for my life, I could of signed with Bellator
But I signed to 360, I wish that they would spin it more
Shit its all gravy, I'm sicker than Wayne meets John Gaycee
Look America, I'm the monster that y'all made me
I dipped to Africa like Dave C after Chappelle's show
Cause if I stayed in this hell hole I'd a gone crazy
I got to be victorious, that's what my mom named me
Facing insurmountable odds, I climb daily
Putting pen to paper, trying to block out the haters
Act like it never happened, like lights out in Vegas
But the fact is sometimes you got to fight to find greatness
Sins of my past is multiplied now I'm famous
They want to know who I'm dating to drive engagement and click bait headlines out of my conversations...it's outrageous

You can give me that next beat cause we are just getting started

Eat youngin eat

Been a minute since ya'll heard from me
Had to go and get my dollars back, but I'm back with a sense of urgency
More than the sum of my mistakes, but they advertise my adversity
Caught a case but I capitalized, took it legal on the cannibus side
Started off with a stash, then made it on the news...Ron Burgundy
County Blues that was January 2022
I was sitting in a jail cell, 12 on my heels like Jimmy Choo
I just treat it like an interlude, fast forward twenty twenty-three
50,000 people at the Black Star Line Fest or was it 53
Remember me, not just for these words, but the way I impact the Culture
Became a legend in Chicago for the giving back shit like Oprah
I did a million in shoes that was like 5 minutes off the old block
I really took the message to the streets like Malcolm X on his soap box
Bullet proof vest on I don't worry when they throw shots
I don't post no location that I'm on cause that is how they smoked pop
Folks now got machine guns like Kelly they will put you on Fox, no Megan I ain't trying to go pop
I don't want to die young caught two gun cases they was both Glocks
Know a nigga from my old block he was selling dope now he smoke rocks
That's ironic, I don't smoke but I buy chronic, and sell it high that's hydroponic
Word bond Allah I'm Islamic, I'm in Kingston I'm bumping chronics
Bumba pussy ras klatt, you wanna run with a rude boy
I let a dove go the day I lost my plug though like Trugoy
My sound wave cuts through noise, my pen speaks straight to the souls of black folks like DuBois
My instincts show true north, deep inside of my inner conscious, the key to life lies in abundance
I was the future, in the past, like Nayvadius in a dungeon
The radius of the inner city, multiplied by Vic circumference, shows you how many O's I could cook up out a single onion
Chopping trees like Paul Bunyan, oversees got a broad in London
Mention me, put knots on a nigga mouth piece that's a sore subject
Tits out at shows, put D's in the air like Dior luggage
Still rhyme with bro like 3 stacks, near man 4 brothers
Still rhyme with, uh, you either loyal or not
Lean on the floor, I ain't pouring no guac
I made a bet on myself and I'm watching the money dunking like Jordan stock
I manifested a mansion out of a dream that I had on a floor in a cot
Your favorite artist I influenced a lot, maybe that's why I'm doing it
Maybe the dream, I'm really pursuing it, something that's deeper than music
It's more in the heart, maybe it's touching the people and movement
More than performing on charts
Dusse we pour on the rocks, I don't drink but I'm ordering shots
On the jet with the boys from the block, you see we celebrate like birthdays, cause I made the best out the worse days
Me rapping on Sway is like Mahalia Jack on a church stage
This my arena, no John Cena, I got models out of Wilhelmina
No surprise that I'm on point, my sister used to be a ballerina
My pops worked for the state school, I was selling fire, trying to play cool
See Chi-rack not the middle east, but the violence is like Beirut
Me, I'm Langston when I paint hues, what happens to a dream deferred
I'm trapping selling p's of herb, that yellow bag, Tweety bird
They jealous mad, get paid at colleges and do no undergrad, cause most of my professors was selling smack
Call it breaking bad, My Zo niggas keep machete
Faith wrapped in a Haitian flag, you think its a potato sack race, the way they chase a bag
That bar was kind of cliche, these rap niggas frauds, I call them deep fakes
If it's beef street sweep your block, that's a sweepstakes
Our soil was plowed by G.D. rakes, a sinner I just sat down with T.D. Jakes
Stay with that Smith like I was Stephen A

Uh, and I brought a shooter with me, as I explained I brought a shooter with me
King Moosa was incarcerated at the age of 14, for 25 years we had him on the show back in 2019
2020 I was able to play a role in bringing him home from prison and we got him here today
To do what he do, and speak his story, tell his story

Eat youngin eat

In a thought tank with vision its a Shawshank Redemption
A still born, yet I was still born to be spitting
My granny called me Moosa she knew something my momma didn't
Treated like I was dead had to be gone off the sentence
But Depak and Tupac kept me warm with the distance
Got me closer to God then I ever came with religion
Happy 50th to hip hop, but meet the new edition
Not Bivins but Mr. telephone man when I was in prison
Look, Just 14 was facing 25 to life
I copped to the 25 cause I was scared of getting life
By 17, it's menaud they making 20 knobs a night
Orange crush came, but think lil tink-tink was running for his life
Whoa, it's so much behind that bar behind them bars
Beating on my chest, my first shows was on the yard
It was me, Louie, Rock Solid, trio, no on God
All eyes on mac I'm trying to hawk me down a guard
Yeah that's how it is, greatness got to live
Now I'm here, this a child's prayer, this ain't stopping here
This a deal, eat youngin eat, this that dream that doesn't sleep
You don't see this shit where I'm from, I got to make sure that we seen
Got to tell ya'll how the system out here snatching us since teens
Throw X's on our backs until we react like wolverine
And keep metal in our hand, grew up in ward you would too
We got me, Fred Van Fleet, oh and Virgil Abloh too
I'm in New York so this shit pimping on the break, bout to have the rock jumping like it's skipping on a lake
And my niggas from the rack they rocking with it cause its great
Bout to be the man in the A like Arsenio or Dre
Hold on...Sway...I'm bout to be the man in the A like Arsenio or Dre...eat
Look that bar up....that's going to take some digging man...eat youngin eat

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