Vi2ON – Radiactive
Genre Rock


I’m driving in my car with the sweet heart beside me
On a steep winding lane running to the top of the hill
My belongings are bright today I’m confident they last forever
Fighters escorting me to a horizon I was waiting for

No surprise where it leads edgy to get there
The asphalt is shadowed my figure is turning dark
But I really don’t go around today I just want to see you
Safe and sound with my guitar I play every second I live

I see smoke on top of the hill and I wonder where the final break is
My chance is flashing now but I still feel no pain
I havе faith this is my way and I don’t want to let it go
I drive as fast as possible to gеt there before the day is over
The smoke is all over me here the road has left your face behind
The sky is black and filthy now the air is hot and dry
Waiting for the rain beating the ground I can’t think of
Everything is in my pocket the top of the hill finally here

Despite the rough weather and the road full of brambles
I’m getting near the end without knowing what lies above the clouds
I reach the top carelessly and easily glance behind the hill
To see it is a wonderful dream of mine in the middle of my theories

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