VeryScoopy – I Don't Sleep
Genre Rap

I Don't Sleep

Having nightmares every night
Everytime i go to sleep
I dont wanna turn off the lights
Because if i see you i cannot just go to sleep
All it will do to me is make me have bad dreams

You dont need to be alone
No matter what you do to me
You hittin up my phone
My catastrophic love for you
Was getting way too deep
Please just leave me alone
And let me fall asleep

Sittin on my bed
Staying up the whole night crying
I think back when you loved me
Oh wait, you just crossed my mind
You dont need a label or peice of paper
To know we are done
I look back at thosе days and realize
They rеally werent that fun

I dont need to sleep
I sleep when im dead
I realize these feelings are
All in my head
Your causing me pain
I guess thats the game
I'd rather let you feel
These feelings instead

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