Vermont – Erased
Genre Rock


[Introduction] :
Save me from myself

[The first verse] :
Have you noticed
Youʼre most happy
When youʼre not yourself ?
When your head is cloudy and jaded
Yet everything seems to make sense

Reality keeps on calling
But it’s never been kind [never been kind
It’s a bitter truth that we long for
A life that we once left behind
[Chorus] :
Save me, save me from myself
Erase me, erase mе from your head

[The second vеrse] :
Using substance to find something
In what’s left of me
Blurred lines and refuge in a bottle
There’s no one left out there that cares

Don’t know how to be
Taken everything
On the inside I bleed
Give me anything

[Chorus - Extended] :
Save me, same me from myself
Erase me, erase me from your head
Chase me, chase me with every step
Betray me, like everybody else [else]

[After chorus] :
I can’t find myself
I’m drowning in sorrow
Hiding from happiness
I’m all by myself
Alone and I’m miserable
Reluctant to repress

Taking my sense of judgment
Fading, my voice of reason
Hold me, keep me right here
Just a little longer now
To help me feel something

Help me feel something !

[Save me from myself]

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