Genre Rap



1:11 on the clock
Hand on wheel of the stolen Caprice rollin down your street
Lookin for your block old returning rage in layers with visions
Of your corpse while I'm bumpin' Slayer
All the shit you talked all the shit you got away with
Your gonna regret oh yeah you gonna pay bitch
Distance won't stop my revenge, knock knock little bitch let me in
I got a score to settle you think ya know?
You can't stop me ya fucked with the big bad wolf
Isn't over till its over laugh all ya like
I'll be gigglin' when you feel me strike
It's a full moon I'm in some hunger clouds form a 187 with thunder
I warned you not to test it's too late to talk
Crossеd the line now I'm only out to lay you in chalk
Ain't shit you can speak nor shit you can rеach
I ain't stoppin' till you leak from the shots of this piece
When you bleed with rattling screams it'll feel great & so complete
You said I'd never come your way but all that has changed today
Now you're left no time to pray I'm feeling a rush cuz I know you're afraid

It's not over don't forget it
Till it's over your still in it
You are still the unforgiven
Revenge is mine in a matter of time

I'll open your head up like a can of beans
I can't be seen better lock your door
Better grab a gun but it won't prevent
'cause I'm on my way like the morning sun
This is real you will feel I won't rest till your head is cracked & peeled
I replay what you did & it brews the need
To catch you in a dead end & see you bleed
Why you been having these restless nights?
You know I'm comin' & ya stress with fright
Try to deny it but to yourself lyin' so don't try it
Try to black it out poppin' pills & shit 'cause you can't deal with it
But I'm real with this my steel's in fist you'll be feeling it
Thought Id forget? thought Id let it slip away? Not till you're in your grave
I'm that motherfucker in your dreams that's been creating the gray
The realness of it's terrifying of dying at my wrath
Bout to cover & slay you & lay you in your house of bricks fast
Black rag on my face gas poured through your house
You'll wish you never met or knew me now
Will I arrive tomorrow will I arrive tonight?
The last thing you'll see is the glow of my eyes

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