Various Artists – Narration (Midtown High's Only Professional Wallflower)
Genre Rock

Narration (Midtown High's Only Professional Wallflower)

Feat. Stan Lee

So much for the web head's present state of mind. Before we go any further, let's backtrack a bit, and focus once again on the modest life of Peter Parker before his fate decreed that he become a superhero

The setting is Midtown High, where Peter is far from being the biggest man on campus. The faculty are fond of this clean-cut, hard working honor student, his Uncle Ben thinks hе is a special lad, his Aunt May thinks the sun sets and risеs upon her nephew, but among his peers, Peter Parker is regarded as Midtown High's only professional Wallflower. Yes, for some, being a teenager has many heartbreaking moments. But Peter possesses an inner strength, which evolves his deep and secret hurt in to the ammunition of determination, vowing to one day show those that belittled him what he's made of

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