In Front of the Kids lyrics


A Low Down Dirty Shame (Music From the Motion Picture)



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November 8, 1994

In Front of the Kids lyrics

Sit a little bit closer, who's the man supposed ta
Give you that good time feelin on vibes at shows?
Amounts, accounts, how I bounce without
Negativity but yet I still turn it out
When I was young I hung among them, that one sex
With thin flats, enough to pump and stuff and then back for more
Drank a little forty, called black women 'whores' (bitch)
Now this shit is still in store
It ain't no harm, you're just an etcetera instead of the
Regular, bigger the better, holding your sweaters
Writin your letters, see all this changed
When we're in front of the kids
If none of ya did nothin I'd still be the same
So come borrow some scratch, that's if I'm livin phat
I'm hollerin out the ol school partners but I'm givin back
It makes no difference if a prince were rollin gun
If not then she wouldn't have to run

* Toure' scratching *

Now don't disturb this groove, that I made, you been played
It's fine and smooth, I just was one plus I'm dope and rhymin too/two
This package is complete, some need to stand it
But heavy hand it to the man in demand
Unique, you weak, you freaks, so spit the language I speak
I seek, I cheat when I'm in languishin beats
Up the strip bumpin E-40 & The Click
Sick from jumpin on hoes for numbers, I know you wonder
Why act up in front of the kids but don't sweat it, come on y'all
Use some common sense, put it in your hand, rub it, don't pet it
Confusin, who's in charge?
Choose to race, hold your place, don't lose your mark
Ain't nothin better than the man that can expand
The band of a camera, get the picture, switch ya just to hammer ya
What can I do?
(When we're in front of the kids)
When there ain't no where to run to

* Toure' scratching *

Various Artists, Extra Prolific – In Front of the Kids

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