Verse 1 [Vammpy]:

Verse 2 [SheHatesKodoku]:
Please don’t talk to me
I’m curling niggas so easily
I’m bar heavy so I’m where I need to be
Creep n Crawl like I’m Eazy-E
This light evaluate all the niggas who beating me
That’s none
No gun
Got a blade to his gut
And this nigga talking down on the clique so what
Got aggression on my mind it’s what makes me tuff
Bruce Banner I’m the Hulk so my hide is tough
Middle finger to his face because that nigga flipping off
Got a ring upon my finger and I still don't know the cost
And my lil nigga Vammpy gonna ring me up at Ross
Got in plenty lil beef’s and I still haven't lost
I need big titty bitches likе Rias or Akeno
Falling on her titties likе a nigga go jeronimo
Tipping on my toes but I’m tipping over like Dominos
Wanna Pizza me like you niggas working at Dominos
Call me Leprechaun because I’m looking for a Pot Of Gold
AZ Event killing niggas cause I’m audible
Call me Deadpool cause a nigga really Comical
Get it like a Comic
I’m breaking the fourth wall
Call me Eren
Cause I’m breaking through a fucking Rose Wall
And you twitter niggas bitches
You hitting a Control Alt
BLM got the mind
Of a TikTok alt
Rap scene got garbage
And it's all ya'll fault


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