Vallendusk – The Wayfarers
Genre Rock

The Wayfarers

The elder spirits called upon us in signs
Whispers and motion of the heart
With air breathed in the sky and scenes seen
Way up above the clouds
Weeping our children left afar
Life and fertility
Forgotten and lost
The ancestor has now sent
To ease our inner pain

Remember the days of old
Where once we sailed the seas
We used to be the masters
Upon raging waves and thunderbeast
We tamed the rushing waves
And sailed the distant shores
Stood up strong and proud
As far as our eyes can see

Our strengths pounding fiercely
That roared in the dragon’s belly
We proudly wore the scales
From the beast in the valley
The dreaded monsters of legend the giants
And primeval beasts we fought them all and won
Liberated stand proud and tall
The heart that beats within us once carried
A sacred fire a world in which we’ve lost that
Has a fate that’s rather dire
Out there beyond the stars
Lies a sea that thrives a new
The vast ocean of space
Floating through
Realms of energy

Blackholes and lightyears
Now we voyage
Through the stars
As we entered the dawn
Of the slumbering one
The sparkling shores
Are still yet unseen

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