Vallendusk – Earth Serpent
Genre Rock

Earth Serpent

The skies shall burn with fire
The seas shall turn to blood
And the skies will be split asunder
While mortals drown in black flood
The righteous shall fall before the wicked

And when the time has come
For the eve of destruction
Humankind will face it's
Inevitable damnation

And we raised our fists
From the earth
We wept and begged
For our lives
All who have felt
Will feel it again
A pang of guilt
For what's gone is gone

Lands are plagued as thе stormy weather
Approaches as thе world grows weary and
Wether n time of death, when the flames
And ashes blaze across the ages
Of a thousand wastes until the end
In the land of lurking twilight
Through tenebrous eyes
We were watched
And old soul dressed in
Wilting young life
With a sorrow and despair

We are the children
Of the dead
We are the wishes
Of the unknown
We are the guardians
Of the earth

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