Valdoe – Ingredients
Genre Rap



Hit that reset button

Verse 1

Look lil bruh in his eyes
Feel his confusion
The half smile is pure
He already see the illusions
Old heads all around
That’s the pace he feel he should be movin
At the kids table
Numb to the childish shit that they doin
I end up sayin somethin that’ll throw the games off
All these niggas hard now
But they been lame
They been soft
Never let the smooth taste fool me
But they been lost
Life time payments on the price to get it right
Emoni in a casket when I was like 4
Stained my brain for life
That was my brothers lil homie
And his own cousin got him killed
'Cause he was pussy
The bullet wasn’t meant for him
But that’s just how the hood be
Never needed a rap
Never needed a movie
Seen most of it first-hand
Fuckin with Spanky and Snoopy
Before Reg was on the dope
He was the D-Boy hope
I seen Slink substitute cooked coke
Wit lemon heads and soap
Caution tape on walks to school and to the store
Cried myself to sleep, I couldn’t take it no more
June died, he had just took us trick-or-treatin
Uncle Moe tried to get to his gun
They shot him
Soon as he put the key in
This is all before I really hit puberty
Reasons why it always been a difference between you and me
By the time 2009 and '10 was done wit me
I realized I probably had PTSD
Normalizing shit nobody should have to see
Separated myself from what I thought I had to be
The streets is a trap
Diamonds and gold is a scam
Them was our only goals
But that don’t make you a man
Niggas is slaves to that money
Niggas is slaves to these hoes
Slaves to an obsolete nonexistent street code
Heard it ain’t no more loyalty
But I never seen it
And fuck a rep
If I’m tellin on myself to achieve it


Now, what we're talkin about here is
Letting your inner child speak for itself
So you can know where you come from
In order to know where you goin
Sometimes you just gotta let him out
Sometimes you gotta face lil bruh

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