Utter Nonsense – Scared to death
Genre Rock

Scared to death

verse 1

Hands trembling and body drenched with sweat

Chorus 1

I’m scared to death

verse 2

Look at me now
A mere shell of what I used to be

Chorus 2

I’m scared to death
I’m scared to death, yeah
But I will not die


Guilt eats at your heart
Paranoia won't help you when there’s a gun to your brain
I guess at times like these all you can do is laugh
We play and play until it’s time
We stay in touch until the lime
Oh, ho, ho, oh
Reach out of the dirty grime

instrumental break


Hands trembling and body drenched with sweat
There isn’t even an hour to forget
All things share the same breath so why can’t I breathe?

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