Urma Sellinger – Rise To The Challenges That Life Presents You
Genre Rock

Rise To The Challenges That Life Presents You

Watch your step there are holes in your trail, you must make it past those fences you must make it 'til the end
All light is gone, you must fight in the dark. There is no one here to help you there is no one here at all
Don't pray for me, i'll pray for you
[If you fall now
Get on your feet, keep going fool
[I won't save you
The hour is dark, the bottom is reached
[If you fail now
Light will prevail, you've got to believe
[I won't help you
So get off your knees and search for you path
[I can not help you
A new day will come, just wait and see
The road is long my friend stick with it 'til the end, ill lead you on your way
Keep faith and keep your strength don't loose it on your way, one day you'll find your place
Don't pray for me i'll pray for you
Don't just give in, don't let them win
So stay in you seat, light will prevail
Your sun will rise, just way and see

There's only one way out, is this the way of life
There are no guiding lines, no map to help you out
Don't loose your faith and pride, stand up and draw your lines
Make sure to live, laugh, love. I swear it's not a crime

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