URLtv – Aye-Verb vs. Calicoe
Genre Pop

Aye-Verb vs. Calicoe

Feat. Calicoe, Aye Verb

Round 1Aye-Verb

On this stage you can be whoever the fuck you want in front of these punks but I'm a G so in front of me niggas better be for real
Your name ain't poppin' no more, bro; the universe showing you the signs... I took Geechi and made you wait on the sides like a Libra scale
"Where Verb at?!" "Nigga, shit... outside!" Like it's "Friday" and he Ezal
Polo tee, clips under the label like he Pharrell
Our static? I started it first; y'all know me, I'm innovative
All you do is talk about breaking down blocks and blowing cartridges, A or B; in this game you, Nintendo basic
How I do young niggas: I do 'еm like kids, just grip their faces
Lux buck-fiftiеd you, I'ma match the buck-fifty, let's split the payment
You could never run the Midwest, nigga, you come pacing
This when I show y'all the dark side of the island where Crystal Lake is
I'ma drown him cuz these waters too deep but it's motivation
Cuz Verb make these niggas monsters; once I bring 'em back up, they become Jason
I'ma BREAK him, this a walk in a park like Jill wanted
I burn the hot niggas during summer, seasoned niggas can't fall until all them
St. Louis niggas, we ride beef 'til the wheels off it
We'll steal on you, knock you out and every time we see you we still on it
Blackface, you better groom your li'l nigga, hear warning
Your status don't mean shit where I'm from, for real, homie
Your son extra; extra niggas get stabbed and buried in fields for years, homie
So the fathers have time to heal; out of sight, out of mind, no tears flowing
It's psychological cuz when forensics find where they hid homie
And start digging, the way your son'll come up you gon' break down...
Cuz the whole time you was still mourning
We don't rock, nigga! Every time we speak it's a short hello
Razor blaze slide all down your chest; how we part 'rillos
You a li'l nigga; out the Charger on 30 you'll spark metal
I'm OG; old trailblazer, gotta keep the car mellow
See, I learned how to do that dumb shit from smart fellows
Niggas like you gotta poke they chest out cuz their heart Jell-O
When I hustled, it was green or the soft: the marshmallows
Had to sleep on that Ready Rock, I wasn't ready for jail time with a hard pillow
Ex-tumbler: I'll come roundhouse, backflip the extended and cartwheel him
Y'all make y'all wives happy; nigga, I make 'em all widows
Baggy jeans and tinted buffs, only y'all wear those
Y'all weirdos with small ceilings; Gemini mind
Half genius and autism, boy I BEEN out my prime
All God's children, PJ Tucker's; they small centers
You're a war vet but I turn war vets to "Saw" victims
Those who really flawed see the beauty in being scarred
Cal, I'll peel off every one of my scabs when I start healing
Life is all mental; lift up my couch, it's Guitar Center: silencers, clips are all metal
Shots out the car kinda sound like casino card dealing when we start peeling
No leg shots, only higher holes like call centers
No emotion, I swear my heartbeat is an odd rhythm
From these broads, I dissolve feelings; I dog bitches
And be a bigger dog nigga to the bitches that dog niggas
I'm Denzel but all night I'm the "Training Day" version
Being better than y'all, that shit my gift but what it came with is curses
See, when you land, you get to laugh and handshake every person
I'm isolated, this entertainment for you niggas that work-less
For me, it's work; they expect me to leave stains on this surface, my name came with a purpose
In front of me you could never be who you claim in your verses cuz you was lame when we first met
You don't get a second chance at a first impression, you can't change or reverse that
Big T switched his flag, Lux beat you bad, JC look bad like he smoke meth...
Look at the gang this game gave me to work with

Round 1Calicoe

If real recognize real... nigga, I don't know you from a can of paint
Niggas really got birds flying... Smack got me in here boxing with the featherweights
Aight, well watch me send this nigga to the Heaven gates, hope they got wings for him
Chopper make a nigga levitate if I put some cheese on him
I give my li'l nigga that paper, he gon' get the read on him
Now he in the field with them vultures and they can feed on him
I took my bitch and made life to where she don't need nothing
Water dripping off the ice, got her sleeves soggy
You can get game from anybody, that's what a fiend taught me
Pockets full of blues, I'm crip walking
Ay, I hit Verb like "come get your bitch off me, I'm exhausted"
But that's when the shooters gon' slide for the slick talking
I send the bitches for the vibe he can get off with
Catch him slipping, make him ride and leave his kit on him
That let 'em know he wasn't robbed, he was just a shit talker
A dub was on his head, they ain't have to hit no lick on him
I'm tryin' not to call Tez, he got the AR with the grip on it
He hit me from a flip phone after he put the mix on him
He hit me when the clip gone and tell me hit ain't miss nothing and I just hit the end button
Pop a bottle and take a trip to celebrate the end of him
Verb, with Holla the last time I felt like you did something
Let's keep it trill; you feminine, Verb and can't help the way you feel
I just get vibes of women from Verb, nigga, I'm just keeping it real
That's why when you talk about you popping the steel and shooting a gun doing the Elvis move... I just see the Elvis move
You like them niggas in jail: you'll keep making up lies as long it's somebody sitting there for you to tell 'em to
Nigga, you ain't never killed nobody, I ain't buying it, find somebody else to sell it to!
Who the fuck you think you're fooling? This nigga imagination must be incredible
You forgot them niggas whooped your ass while you had on a cast? If you was a real shooter, retaliation would have been inevitable
But them same niggas showed up to the next event he threw in his hometown, I was there and seen it with my own eyes so Verb, you ain't really credible... on some street shit
What, you wanna keep it rap? But you don't wanna rap, you just wanna rhyme and shit
This new style, they don't even gotta make sense, it just gotta sound legit
Compound syllables rhyming quick; what, you done found a glitch?
That's why all y'all niggas styles exist
You can't find this shit, I rep the people on some Wakanda shit
You rep the people on some Prince shit: *emasculated* man with a sick image
If I shoot this bitch he getting left: Ben Simmons
You picked a side and went against your own team like it's a scrimmage
You battled X, you battled Hitman, you put Ill on stage like a crackhead in front of millions
I think you was trying to destroy his image cuz you'se a snake, bro; case closed
But I just brought some brand new titties for the draco
X already put him in a box, gave him a halo
Now it's a warzone, shooters dropping into the A, yo
How he vegan? I see a ham sandwich with heavy mayo
"I ride up", slide and give him a paint job, welcome to Maaco
The toast pop: this bitch done really let go a Eggo
Them dope spots he rapping how he trapping out? Cap, a gown should be put on him like my Muslim brothers when they die
You say that GoFundMe account was a test for black people, Verb? Huh?
I like the way you can look me in my face when you lie
I'ma be patient this time displaying greatness of mine
Put me in the ring with a king and watch me take off his crown

Round 2Aye-Verb

Perfect example: if you're eating bad food and think you got a chance to dance, you a damn fool
Can't no nigga dissect me eating processed meats and canned foods
God reward me for all of my struggles, he gave me you
Knowing in front of me you can't win and me in front of you, I can't lose
Let's prove it: Three minutes round, book me, long time
Preview, 3D, So i--
You wanna be so fucking tough, that's where you fail, bro-bro
Cal, it ain't gotta be rock hard to sell if it's dope
You ain't gotta run with 35 niggas to feel protected
Cuz when you solo and you still got that "I'm deep" energy, it's more respected
The quiet room is for skilled niggas, Cal; here I'm home
This drill work like practice: y'all rappers to them; to me, y'all cones
Heard your bitch don't take your command, I know what's wrong
You don't hit that spot deep in her twat so peep the plot: you can't expect the bitch to listen if you stick your dick in and don't hear her moan
Off the top, I can smell the scent of fear and pheromones through your cologne
For you it's hard to be a stand up nigga when you stand alone
I got both sides, bro; dope lines, 4-5s blow
Then switch to the Most High, Muslim multi with the bowtie flow
Bipolar but both guys woke and both like smoke
After you die, we post light jokes we both might toast
Verb the greatest, I came for the fight so skip the weigh in
Ain't no way out, your lines ain't going nowhere, nigga, let's skip the mazes
You are basic, ain't no chink in my armor, not a lick of Asian
Talking spicy like that shit you jumble higher and simply cajun
I am A-list, I made Mook and Lux barbecue by wild boar meat [?
DNA next, he just wanna see if LeBron can four-peat
You ain't on my level, of course he can never torch me
He just wanna see the games how them whores see: from the floor seats
Credit, you try to take from niggas; nigga, your whole allure thief
I was itching for you to come out, pussy; Detroit, your boy yeast
It don't matter what my numbers be, that bread don't butter me
I'll come for free if your status is upper and you utter me
When I rap I turn the room to the color eve, can't fuck with me
Wanna stand out? Bitch, go get you some colored weave and don't come for me
Smack, we can bet vs. Cal; c'mon let hustle, Beas'
I'll cover every cent, I become like Febreeze when I gotta double cheese
Verb: a pitbull, this li'l nigga poke sticks and play with
I don't say shit, just wait for the day Smack lift them cages
And break shit all the way down in different phases
I used to sell weed and sage mix just to buy brand new K-Swiss
Now I see the green numbers falling down like this "The Matrix"
Somebody save him cuz he dying and what makes the shit worse is he really trying
I am cooking you usually this diet don't let me fry shit
When I fly in, I'm always booked to stay in some fly shit
When you're a Motel 6 nigga like you, the Hyatt is high end
Calicoe be asking himself why they crown me GOAT
They crown me GOAT not from the rounds that I wrote, from the ground I broke
Skill-wise we ain't even kinda close but still I salute every time you flow
Don't every dad clap for his kid wack raps at the talent show?
I got St. Louis and the Midwest on me, I'll balance both
This ain't our game, nigga, even the polls can't count our votes
This URL house is my home but it's time to go
For me, ain't no more big plates left, I'm down to bowls... hoes

Round 2Calicoe

This can get amazing...
You might be keeping it real, you say ain't no chink in your armor, it's not a lick of Asian?
You might be spitting real cuz you the type of nigga that'll buy some K-Swiss

The Island God gon' drown tonight
We both from the Midwest but we don't sound alike
That's cuz you sitting at home watching battles tryna find a style to bite
While I'm out hitting sales and still got a round to write
I wish this battle could have happened in your town tonight
With all your mans screaming but naw, the fans streaming
They got him juiced up now they putting the Caffeine in
Thinking he supposed to pop but he flat cuz they tapped me in
Ay... nigga, my flow H20; I'm really the Bobby Boucher of this shit cuz they think I'm crazy
But the bad bitches stay on my dick and look what they pay me
90's baby but the cloth I'm cut from feel like the 80's
Ay... they call you Verb and you ain't 'bout no action? Nigga, how?
Well I'm a person that'll put you in your place with that thing, bitch, I'm a noun
A black person to be exact, that's an adjective, we past words
This supposed to have been a real nigga paragraph with Geechi, how the fuck they add Verb?
It must be country grammar; well tell Nelly it's official: I done fucked both his li'l niggas up
I'll take your coldest baby mama, add some Cinnamon and get both them li'l bitches fucked
Yeah, it's up there; nigga, I already knew that it was stuck there
I feel the energy when I'm around you lame ass niggas, I just don't fucking care
He talking 'bout "Cal be rolling 20 deep" nigga, I don't fucking care!
Like I'ont supposed to roll with my circle cuz he a fucking square
Bitch! This ain't Tic-Tac-Toe, I get ticked and tagged toes
I take trips with bad hoes cuz they driving for me
My bitches know how deep it can get, they still diving for me
Been done jumped in that water and fucked around and popped up on Verb Island for me
What I'm saying is: I don't even gotta set him up; Verb so soft, I'll just send my bitches to rob him for me
Ay, Smack, my bitches'll dig through the dirt and find a diamond for me
One time, they got caught with several pounds of the loud and stayed silent for me
You lost to Charlie... and that nigga bitch!
[Clips, I know you looking on the camera, you a bitch!
Want me to tell you how I know that nigga bitch?
What type of nigga don't wanna help Math but wanna help Nick?
What type of nigga don't wanna help scrap but wanna help diss?
The type of nigga that probably don't own a strap and named himself Clips
Ay... I know real hitmen, no battle shit
A nigga that'll skip to the Lou, he known for traveling
Fuck a Landslide, this a avalanche
Call the coroner van, fuck the ambulance
I'm 'bout to beat this pussy unanimous
My stamina ain't some shit that you wanna stand against
You rambling, my bars consist of with what I'm standing in
Nigga, I was 12 when I found out sandwich bags was for sandwiches
And I got good sense but this what the hood meant when they told me balance it
Now he talking 'bout he a god... that's probably cuz to be a king, he wasn't a candidate
Cuz all the niggas that was in your campaign, you wanted to challenge 'em
I was with the Movement, I was on some "Kill Rex and Mook" shit
Y'all got confused and separating y'allself from what we was doing
Now you vegan talking 'bout letting the beef brew, I see him cooning
Rolling with the 50; Curtis, I can put the G in Unit, let a nigga tempt me
I'ma squeeze the blicky 'til it's empty, every fucking pistol got a 50
Cuz we've been shaving all the firing pins down on the semis
Pops went fed and I was still eating, Vegab Verb need a meal treatment
Leave him on the curb, nigga still leaking
I can take you to my hood and show you a real demon
Drill season got a real meaning
I hate when niggas speak on the field and they ain't in the field, I call 'em commentators
Watch me dominate all the common denominators
This battle shit lit, what's wrong with me feeling like I'm the greatest?

Round 3Aye-Verb

You told people I'm a snake with slithering skin so don't trust him
How I Midwest rep 'til the end, I'm so thuggin'
It's a compliment calling me reptilian cuz they cold-blooded
"The man that knows something knows that he knows *nothing"
Y'all said that he sick, well tonight, why I ain't catch no cold from him?
I brought the heat, I thought he would rise; this nigga's a whole muffin
This an over-the-counter drug vs. a controlled substance
See, we tend to see different cuz our life tendencies different
My blunts hemp when they're twisted, you're just a Hennessy sipper
Our energies different, your body is your temple; keep it clean, you'll get amenities with it
I don't take a second off like every minute he's with it
My stats tonight? Another 30 with no injuries listed
Boy, I'm a god, I can't sit with these niggas, they're 'bout to witness demise
You lost this card, when the next card come, them numbers that you press won't work; boy, your pin has declined
My pen is divine, a chemist with rhymes, still with a minister side, still where the menaces lie
Still militant, any minute I'll slide
Let down the window and turn the 8 sideways like the infinity sign
What's my name?! Every crime that you did was online
You make it easy for 5-0 like ten minutes to 5
You grip Crayola when you scribble your lines
You fucking child, let's workout, I got my membership signed
Motherfucker, they ain't watch a fucking battle, boy, they witnessed a crime
I laid the yellow tape down with artistic designs
This position is mine, nigga, you gotta sit and recline
Until I'm ready to come up out that game, boy, you got to sit on that pine
Your li'l nickname "The Wizard" applies; they're all magicians, they lied
They make you see what's not real, it's all tricks with their eyes
You teamed up with Murda Mook, you gotta sit on that side
Our objective was to spit on that side; this shit disturbing
How some fame in Calicoe and he changed to a different person
Still a fuck boy but boy, I remember a different version
The version that used to come around Verb and be getting nervous
Around me, he couldn't even kick his verses without sipping that liquid courage
The night you got buried, nigga, I was on cam with blurry vision like "I ain't see it that way"; see, we're very different
I tried to coach him but these young dumb niggas, they rarely listen
The reason why I'm still in my spot: I'm not careless with it
And I don't care who get it, I'll sacrifice me for the better, nigga
I ain't no better, nigga... well, rap-wise, clearly I'm better, nigga
Gamblers see my name, stand down and don't bet against him
There's a hero in every villain; if I was mean, bro, I'm sorry
All the souls I collected, they're demons I carried with 'em
Now I rep the island, fuck y'all, this air is different
You come tripping, you get beheaded then I whisper to the head "how dare you visit"
You got two options: either get back in line and wear a position
Or every time you drop, I'ma take your li'l shine like Beyoncé do Keri Hilson
You got a battle? I'ma take one, you got an album? I'ma make one
You post a selfie of your silly looking self, I'ma make fun
Cuz you're not one of us: you took up for that white boy even though you know the nigga was racist
You're not one of us; you was more concerned about the paper I was making than the whole fucking statement
Smack, I'm done playing with these niggas, bring the boss of the Cave in
I got one more nigga chest I gotta cave in... say when

Round 3Calicoe

They're either sleeping or not
It's crazy how Caffeine is where the insomnia stop
Nigga can be screaming "gang"... whole time he a op'
I got the drop, a headshot'll put him inside of a box
BAOW! Then write his name on the side of the stock
A "Dedication" like Kendrick and Nip, I been with the shits
I'll been done caught him out in traffic, blew his car down and ended the shit
I'm at home watching the news, they find out it was his mama and grandma on some innocent shit
My girl even sad... I like "Bitch, he shouldn't have tinted his whip!"
Ain't no love in these streets, niggas done caught slugs in their sleep
My youngin caught a body and rapped about it on a beat
Verb wasn't a nigga that was out in the streets
Verb worrying if his eyebrows on fleek
And if his face beat; you see the Bigen
Look like he got his makeup done by my auntie Mayleen
I'll leave a body cold like a IV full of saline
Bitch, I'll catch a body like popping out of a daydream
I bet his suitcase full of mud mask and face creams
I'll show him a mud bath and a dirt nap ain't the same thing
Fruity bitch! Nigga, you ain't never let the toolie rip... acting ass nigga
Showtime come with a movie list... capping ass nigga
Cuz only this new era gon' feel that shit, they can never snap back and be fitted for what we was doing then
I done bodied niggas on Summer Madness, shit I can do again
You've been bodied by niggas on Summer Madness and it's looking like they done sacrificed you again
Nigga, you're a nigga I know scared of me
How I'ma let you come between me and my legacy?
Dog food, that type of shit ain't even in my pedigree
This nigga recipe must be cocaina and ecstasy
He really be in here talking 'bout "Showtime"
Well bitch, I hope you got your pistol on you when it's your time
You just gotta have instincts ain't nobody gon' tell you when it's 'bout to go down
Nigga, ain't nobody fearing you
In my hood, niggas really call you "Lyrical Miracle", it's not a joke
Niggas really enjoy hearing you flow, your shit be sounding so cold
But once we break it down and steer through the quotes
After taking notes, you never get the popular vote
The sig hold 17 but got a Stojaković stroke
The chopper: big as Chewbacca with a binocular scope
The Glock that I tote'll knock him off the top of this coast
Fuck, I gotta walk up a wall for y'all to rock with The Gault?

I'ma take my last 35 seconds to say: my condolences to anybody who suffered from police brutality. I want a moment of silence:

Please arrest the cops that killed Breyonna Taylor, "I Can't Breathe"
Until they arrest them cops, Smack, you can't tell me I can't leave

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