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June 9, 2023

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Where will I go lyrics

Falling back into old habits
Seeings faces that I thought had it
Where will I go, where is my home
Honestly I do not know

Speeding down I-95
So high I think I'm fly
Fuck I see the divide
Damn it's what she wanted me to realize with these 2 real eyes
3rd eye blinded
Damn I think I'm slow
Shift down to 4

Skipping rocks, counting echos
Don't listen to her she came apart like Velcro
Despite what was known, what's was shown
I'll be showing the world
Pearled, juniper branches, brush up against my soul

Drugs get bigga
Love gets sicka
Blood gets thinna
I'm a winna
Ohh I wish upon a star
Falling hard
Trust is far

18, I was seeing things
17, alone in my room
16, hеard the big boom
Now I'm clearing space for thе melodies
Cleaning out my soul
Full time job
Make me feel whole

What lies have you told
Which ones corrupted your soul
Which ones have caused you toil
Boil in your brain baby
Go insane baby
I'm not the same baby
Live in vain baby
That's just the rain baby

Seeing sights as far as the eye can see I can see death famine war and conquest
Contest the conditions
Of Any lessons that you think you learned
You don't know who controlling
Playing the mind games cause you to
Toil and boil and bobble

And Hobble and wobble, and bitch I might topple, cause Im tight roping, I'm hoping, for laughs but I ain't joking

I'm the joker
I'm taking totes of the smoke
And I hope
To keep going

So in, what i'm sewing it's been growing, it's knocked to the knees
I'm stung by the bees, cause I'm up in the trees
Swinging and-

Feeling great
Feeling good
I been out my neighborhood
Ptown, New town
Charlie's gots the boots brown
Who knows
Where this living gets you
Freakish feelings hits you
Gets you, pits you
Switch now

Falling back into old habits
Seeings faces that I thought had it
Where will I go, where is my home
Honestly I do not know

And she said send me a demo
But all my thoughts got stuck in my memos
Play pretend with my girl back home
Play pretend with the girl back home

And I got used as a demo
That's cause inside I didn't get the memo

Urban – Where will I go

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