UNX – Less Is More
Genre Rap, Uk, Uk Rap

Less Is More


Ha, yes


Less is more, sibling's four
Dudley core, last name is war [Let's go!
Authority with the throne and the seat
Gun and a gleam and the come and it’s peak
Push a nigga back and a whack to his beak
I was selling packs to pronounce to the streets
Sis sat me back, no holes in my chest
Finesse my rise, anime-like quest
Yu Yu Hakusho, blitz, gotta go
Green like the weed in the streets, let it grow
Please take it ease as I wheeze from the smoke
Burn a city down, rebuild, what’s the quotе
Price of the mice, sеt a cat, what a joke
White of the coke on the bench, what a bloke
Fist and I poke
Eat, not the pork
Need that beef, turn the tide a result
Fuck a bus, V8 an assault
How much BHP, take a note
Did not need this shit, I could walk
But need I drive away from the folk
Less is more, but they need an excuse
Spend that cheque for a new pair of shoes
Walk in the mud, had your chance to produce
Dirt on the swoosh, "What a shame," I rebuke
Less, less, say it with chest
"How many times sacrifice," I jest
Big Bro Mac with the 10, let’s test
How much lead fuckboy digest?
Less, less, can’t even count
How many times did they count me out?
Less is more la familia backing
Feast this bread, light work, just snacking

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