Untamed Land – A Nameless Shape
Genre Rock

A Nameless Shape

What crimson eye stares upon this road?
And destroys the shade of gentle rest
From morning’s wound the airy blood flows
To drench the earth from east to west

Ceaseless you march upon your gleaming path
And blaze your light inside the cracks of my mind
Not ten thousand deaths can slake your wrath
Or from your blinding gaze shelter mankind

So to this place of pine I’ll stray
Far away from your fiery rays
A ghost among the trees shall I be
A whispered phantom haunting children’s sleep

In this castle of thorns and briars
Withdrawn from the light of your fires
With the ragged wolves I stamp the snow
And join their hail to the moon’s glow

On this hill high above the world
My shadow blankets their homes
To quell their fires and deaden their hearts
Beneath a starry curtain unfurled

A creature shall they build of me
A nameless shape in lands unknown
None yet dare to tread upon my realm
A sylvan kingdom of fallow tree
Scar me with your mark
Carve the lines upon my chest
Search not amid the dark
Or awaken unholy rest

And when the cold bears down from above
To frost the soil that births the harvest
Look into the night looming starless
And curse all that you thought you loved

Beyond the darkened clouds of sorrow
From the kingdom shunned by all
Thunders up the ancient call
To scatter the ghosts of tomorrow

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