Genre Rap


Feat. 83HADES



I be posted on the block in the night time
Everytime you see me know I'm with the 59
I do the drive by
Bitch I tow the Glock 9
And they didn't wanna with it nigga know they fucked up
The cops still lookin for me guess I lucked up
And stop talkin lil bitch shut the fuck up
I told that nigga we ain't playin on this side again
We hit yo moms nigga you ain't bring no
And when we comin to the block you gone hear it spin
Where the rocks at
And my sock at
And if you talkin on the gang we gone stop that
Where yo momma at?
And Imma pull up
I got the whole gang behind me in a pick up
Baby ass nigga boy you need some pull ups
Weak ass nigga go and do some sit ups
Big pump nigga know it's up in my trunk
I can't tell nothin from the wrong
Everything in this bitch goin uh
You could get hit with the stick Vietnam
I been in thsi bitch so I'm never gone run
Doodoodoodoo on yo block with the gun
And they always say shit nigga I ain't say nun
And they always bumpin nigga I just bump pumps
And that bitch on my dick wanna suck me
2 tits on the Glock bitch you know it got drums
All these niggas is some bitches they really want no smoke
Nigga this is no joke
I'm hangin with locos
We gone knock the roof back like you need 4 more

Verse 283HADES

Where the bops at
Where the thots at
Yeah information so we blew his top back
And this ain't yo average gas I smoke opp pack
Bitch I think I'm boutta blow call me
I got all the power what a cop says
"Bah bah bah" what this Glock says
I don't give a single fuck bout your boyfriend
him over boy and see if he is buoyant
Why you rappin bout it if you flamboyant
He a snitch he a narc he be
Find it harder concentrate with all these voices
I do not just hit the pussy I'm destroyin it
Where yo momma at?
Where yo daughter at?
Tryna see how many hoes fit in this
Said he gottem in I told him "copy that"
I'm talkin fat bitches
Talkin bad bitches
Shorty said she like it rough I yank on her extensions
Imma rob that boy I wanted shit I do not ask permission
Gotta die at some point now my choppa pessimistic
And I got this stick up on my side I be on wackin with it
I keep grabbin on my fuckin waist they is not jackin with it
Gotta pull the left side of my pants it got me saggin with it
Uno got a K and he is on the streets attackin with it
She ain't let me hit it for a week but now I'm back up with it
You so worried that I'm with yo shawty you be trackin bitches
check my muthafuckin average riches

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