Genre Rap


Feat. Muppy

Middle fingers to the sky
I’ll say the word
UAV until we fuckin die
So fuck the world as i walk to the valleys
The shadows of death
I got the reaper down my neck
And he’s clawing my breath
I told that mothafucka to rise from the dead
Rather be rising then falling to my death

Would you be playin this song
Even if i was gone

Please tell me that i’m wrong
Livin in this world alone

Take a look at my past when i was an outcast
Back then when a fact was just another fact
But it was not just an act from a nass
This is the world when it turns black

Would you be playing this song
Even if i was gone

Please tell me i’m wrong
Livin in this world alone
Mothafuckers, betta get the clip
When i let the tory rip
Shut up bitch, who is this
You would be dead
When we would drop the bodies bitch

Cut em
I fuck em up
They rollin in a hearse
Watch the fucking drako burst
Hit them fuckers where it hurts

Runnin it up and i’m average enough
For youll fucking end up
You don’t understand
You keep pushin yuh luck
Then throw inna trunk
Pussy boy your testing my patience
You can’t get enough

I’m sick of demandin
You gettin the message
To break in the pressure
Where you goin when the world turns black
Stuck with the devil ain’t no turning back
No need to be physical
I don’t wanna be political, critical
Gripen ya left and ya box at yo wife
Switchen, she dyin, must be evil
Just keep recordin, she feelin of course
I’ll take that motherfucka on borin shit
I watchin her get in the fire, get in the fire

Lies in the position, yuh finishin, images,minutes yo life is dead, Breath

Tiger for you, tiger bright, how that fuck no sense
I’ve been cheatin, no dyke, livin my life for what every time
You want that shit, i advise, you want that life, no pipe
Pussy boy get out my face

M-m-m mic check 1, 2, sound it out
Fly out if u want too, unless u relax
You lookin for a moment, in a hurry
I might fuck around and pull up at yo house

Yeah, boy you quiet in ten it
Get up and oversighten the lyrics
I see you hidin, i finish, i’m tysing the witness
I’m ready to destruct i’m sliding the business

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