Tysonsghost – Laments
Genre R&B


Where should I start
Wanna keep this humble but I can't
These days these days moving kinda fast
And I know that they won't last
Give a fuck about the past

For these bands you gotta dance
Show me something do I have to ask
All of us are going through some hard times
All I care bouts melodies and bars
Fucking with you is just a pastime

Swallow your pride
Always got shit on the side
They full of spite, gassed up like they full of sprite
Yeah, lowe all the hype, nihilistic like I'm niche
Found my niche now I'm sweet

I can't slow down
I ain't gonna slow down

This is limitless
I ain't got no bounds

I got my own sound, I don't fuck with clones now
I don't feel no woes now, I'm chilling with my ghost

Cos I don't really trust no one
I can't even find no solace
In love its my chest frozen, so I won't ever give you no promises

Just give me the beat now, allow all denial
Don't have to remind me, plug is on speed dial

I know what I need, but after that I gotta leave
You might be feeling me, but you haven't met all these demons

Yeah, Don't watch my drip, I gotta get then dip, stick it and move
Do what I do, nobody better than this
None of my niggas will miss
You are not built for this
Mashup a beat, til it's black and blue
Make that shit look like crip, Ghosting I'll never switch up
This energy I'll never switch, smoking promised to quit
Got habits that I'll never kick

Where should I start, wanna keep it humble but I can't
Dem man these days ain't got no heart
Let alone the bars

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