Tyronfrmda100s – No Hook
Genre Rap

No Hook

No Hook lyrics



Verse 1Mareafrm11ave

Say Niggas wanna fight make his party then
Big ass Glock onna’ night stand, grab that bitch and I’m firin’
Hollows flyin 6.663, hollows finna put a bitch onna news
Just give me the blues I’ll give you the clues
Still ain’t no fool, neva finished school
We sending them shots you know we can’t miss that
Big red dot you know we can’t miss that

I’m 1 hp imma need me a med pack
I’m off that drank imma need me a 6 pack
Choppa hit a Nigga like it’s 6 flags[Bitch
Send shots like Giannis nigga get to dunkin’
That couldn’t be me Nigga Ian runnin’
You niggas ain’t tuff nigga why you frontin’
You chasin them hoes you ain’t gettin money
I’m stackin my money til it’s real a sum
That bitch she a real dummy
Pull up on they block time to catch a body this choppa gon hit em like

Verse 2Tyronfrmda100s

Spark up yo top like a lighter
We gеt busy mask on Michael Myers
Blow his face wit hеat like a blow dryer
Spin that block everyday don’t get tired
Niggas talk all that shit we’ll get on yo head
Smoking on niggas like Smokey and Craig
I ask for top why why you open yo legs?
Y’all lacking and shit but a nigga prepared
Just like jimmy butler bitch I got the heat
A nigga ain’t Herb but a Nigga a g
Y’all witness this shit and quick to tell police
If you wanna run these bullets R.I.Ps
Lethal weapons I feel like Danny glover
If we can’t get you then we getting yo brother
You kissing her ass but I already fucked her
Man it’s rush hour I feel like Chris tucker
Nigga talk all that shit but they really be pussy
We’ll slide to yo ass wit a mask and a hoodie
Just like Tyler Perry these clips is movies
Sho off they guns but these Niggas don’t use it
My gun like a fan cause that bitch blow
All of my Niggas gon t up fasho
They love to talk trash man y’all niggas hoes
Gun slime shit it’s gon wipe yo nose
Ain’t no more fights lil Nigga we just spray shit
Sneak dissin on niggas man y’all on sum gay shit
All my Niggas been dyin to get yo face hit
If u bragging my homies will take shit
Shoot at yo head don’t aim at no chest
You talking too muck and now you got stretched
We logged em out now we on to the next
We aiming at domes so why you bring a vest
Hit his ass rush em straight to the doctor
Uzi, Glizzies, Gats and Choppas
Put that barrel to his make me holler
Niggas always dyin to hit for sum dollars
We gon spin blocks like a ceiling fan
Glock blowing Niggas but it ain’t no wind
Cuz we gon spin again and spin again like 50 Cent we kill meny men


Ha, man y’all Niggas hoes fa real man show y’all niggas how we do it inna Raq On bro

Verse 3Tyronfrmda100s

Grilling shit like it’s fourth of July
Glock give a nigga wings so he can Fly
Send his ass all way up to the Sky
Smoking yo Nigga that shit got me High
I’ll beat niggas ass 1 on 1 it don’t matter
How yo big nigga got knelt wit no hammer
He want the smoke we gon give his ass cancer
Nigga imma stepper like a tap dancer
Onna guys man y’all niggas be tweaking
Like Abraham leave a Nigga top Lincoln
Cold asl like I was anemic
Chicago made a nigga turn to a demon
Run up on me that’s a face shot
I can’t speak on to much shit cuz the jakes hot
Niggas say stop but I can’t stop
Niggas want war is ya ready like Kay flock, nigga

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