Tyler, The Creator – Car
Genre Rap

Car lyrics

Verse 1Tyler, The Creator

She ain’t got the fattest ass, but she got the baddest assets
And she give good brain to pass them AP classes
And through these glasses, she the baddest [Bad bitch
And now I’m the gladdest, when I get her at night like Gladys
And I for a fact, know that I love her more than a tad bit
I’m lyin’, Sarah still made me the saddest, bitch
My heart engine was the fastest, and that bitch crashed it
Robin Williams could not patch it [Nope
Played me like a lottery, the one with the scratches
A love locked down with the latches
Could never brace a nigga down, I broke them brackets
Was on the runway like fashion, we fucked with passion
Fuck you bitch, I got my car fixed, and now I’m smashin’
But really, my engine works, zoom, keep flashin’

Verse 2brandUn DeShay

Uh, wow, I must've lucked up cause my life was a mess, just clusterfucked up
You know in furniture stores, the hoes spill with the fabric samples?
I wish that I could show you how I feel, but
I told you how I feel, I think I'm in love
Though a nigga so small like a sink in my tub
She busted out laughing, "How you think this ish up?"
I said "Well, the key is really not to think much"
And then we linked up, now a couple months passed, and
Time's going to waste like crumpled up trash, I just get nothing but flack
"I swear you should’ve been a Ford car how I maintenance yo’ ass"
High maintenance, my ass
I wish you would've put your turn signal on before you turned into a bitch
Thought we was good to go, but you was running them red lights
They said love was blind, I got caught in yo' headlights, dead

Verse 3Tyler, The Creator

Talkin’ bout, “You need to be waxed, and be buffer”
But you wasn’t saying shit when you was yompin’ at my muffler
I would call you a Rent-A-Car, but
If I do that I’m just gonna look like another customer [Hoe
You should think about the passenger, how he felt
Cause every time I was inside of you, no seatbelt
So if any pay due, have it in stick shift [Bitch
I got O.F. insurance with no interest [Ugh
Talkin’ ‘bout you're broke, but, baby girl you livin’
How the fuck you livin’ when I, I-I’m barely livin’
How can you get far when you never even driven
“I mean, well, I mean, easy-” [One, two, three
Listen, threw me in the dump, truthfully I don’t give a fuck
[Really?] Hell yeah, only drove you girl, when I was drunk
Fuck it, could’ve had a brand new Lexus with my exes
But I went for you, a bucket

OutroTyler, The Creator

[Um] Fuck you, bitch
I really liked you, shit [I-I liked you too
Fuck [Oh, I’m sorry
Fuck [Stop yelling
Fuckin’ crashed my car!
Fuckin’ drive my car, fuckin’ drive my car
I’m not gon’ fuckin’ cry, fucking goin’ outta town
Bitch, fuck if you lose
If I don’t shove my fuckin’ dick in yo’ mouth, bitch
[I’m sorry] Oil change my motherfuckin’ attitude
Shit, shit [Stop
Ruff, haha

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