TVBUU – No Reasons
Genre Pop

No Reasons

I woke up again depressed I don’t know the fucking reason
My moods they constantly changing on me just like the seasons
My girl
She asked why I’m sad
I couldn’t give her a reason
I’m slowly bleeding
Inside I can feel the heartbreak seeping
Making these bad decisions
I start to feel like a heathen
She’s the angel to my life
But I am her fucking demon
Fuck the cheating
Alternations inside me
Slowly eating
Never gonna slit my wrist
Cause the pain thеy’ll probably see it
Keep away all my secrets
I feel like I am drowning
My soul thе devil found it
Promised me that he’ll crown it
Can’t stand to be around it
Another day
Another song I am dropping
Can’t apologize for my consistency
Getting it popping
Life is toxic
And this depression it leaves me with no options
So I lock myself deep inside my closet
Approach with caution
I am lost inside of my fucking my mind
These people they watch it
If I told you I’d probably kill myself
Don’t think you can stop it
Fucking random numbers
They call my phone
I beg you to stop it
Fight anxiety and panic disorders
I just need profit
Please just stop it

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