TVBUU – Enter My Void
Genre Pop

Enter My Void

Verse 1:
I can slowly feel the darkness that surrounds me
Bullet in my body deep into the ground like the water
It drowns me
Saying the devil that I have rejected they ready to crown me
Bound me
To all of my sinning I think they have found me
Arouse me
Lately I just wanna taste the steel
I'm feeling depressed and I just wanna know inside how dying feels
Yeah is this real?
And I just be feeling like I am inside of an illusion
I stare at myself inside of this mirror like
And time isn't moving
I'm feeling like I'm losing myself and I'm floating outside of my body

Anxiety got me
I'm sitting inside of my bed and I'm itching and wishing to stop me
Standing on top of me
I hope they don't drop me
Watching me falling right down from the sky
Maybe if I didn't have all the things that have taken me
Surely I've probably fly
So lately I
Feeling myself get tired of relationships
I close my eyes
And I'm getting so tired of faking shit
I don't know why
Why the fuck I just don't replace this bitch
I hold my pride
And I hope to god that I'm making it

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