Jay Fendi – Try Me
Genre Pop

Try Me


Ayo, Fendi, when you droppin' the track, bro?
I'm in the stu' right now, bro
Heard it bro, drop that shit, bro
Alright, I'll let you know [Palaze, what you cookin'?]


I won't let nobody try me for no pesos [Mm-mm
I got bullets right beside me from my draco [Grrt-boom
I got niggas catching bodies if I say so
And these bitches all around me, tryna play low [Mm-mm
I'm with my nigga Ali, call him Bando [Bando
Bullets always be my side piece, I can't move alone [No, no
I got niggas tryna find me, walkin' with my hoodie on
Brodie catching bodies, killing to be living long [Yeah
I'm the prince of my city, yeah, I'm the prince of this shit
And if a nigga ever try me, I'ma spin on his bitch
Can't believe they did me grimy, I'ma pull up with a clip
And if a nigga do me dirty, I'ma show him how I live [Mm-mm
Don't care about no opps, catch 'em lackin' on the block
Niggas jackin', no more talk, 'til they see me wit' a chop, uh [Baow
'Til they see me wit' a chop, uh, mm
This my city, I don't care 'bout what they say
I got the semi, I don't care if they gon' hate [Mm-mm
I ain't payin', I'm just tryna get this food up out my plate
Made my mama happy, now I gotta get myself a safe [Yeah
I got this in the bag, I ain't playin' any games [No, no
I don't know why them niggas mad, I be stuntin' in they face [No, no
I did this without Dad, Mama had me in my lane [No, no
I just wanna get this bag, I don't care about the fame [No
See, I was down inside the trenches, niggas hating from the benches
Niggas acting like they gang, but I notice that they ain't shit, yeah [No, no
I came from the block, where niggas fight for their respect [No, no
That's that hood where niggas reckless, fuck you up and then they flex
I been hitting licks, took a nigga bitch
Took her for a spin, took her to the crib
She call me Daddy, we just kiss [Yeah
Drop a addy and we spin [Yeah
Niggas really be too bitch
Bitches calling me the shit [Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, she wanted me all up inside her ocean [Ocean
I ain't wanna fuck, I just want devotion ['Votion
She said she wanna get it raw, but I told her I need a Trojan
Catching HIV, shorty, you better get to chokin' [Chokin'
She gave me slob, I was playin' on the block
She was jackin' on my nigga, so I had to spin with knots
Cracked a brother in the mouth, and she ain't care until he drop
Nobody knows what I'm 'bout, so don't you yell a nigga's soft, uh

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