Truth Be Told (Tale of 2 Citiez Remix) – Anthony Enos
Genre Rap

Truth Be Told (Tale of 2 Citiez Remix)

The truth is exposed
The truth is exposed
Real hip-hop

It's time somebody said it I'm mad at y'all
Fuck it take whole bottle of pills and you can overdose on adderall
The baddest habit a mad rapper could have is challenging battles to rappers whose careers I could put in a casket

Listen to the words I spit the flow is far from tragic
Man we got some ringtone rappers in the booth who Tryna smash it
Barley wrote a sentence and the track is off and getting mastered
Must be from Orlando cause if the people like it he's doing magic

I'm telling you this right now
The realest artists go unseen and that is where I'm at now
I never played a sport in high school never seen a dugout
But I'm about to win this game like Mayweather I knockout

Other emcees who tried to diss me ain't here no more
I killed em with some lyrics never heard before
Straight deported aborted the flow they thought was tremendous but was unfortunate not worthy for reward

Take it back to 98 the day hip hop was finally saved but no one really knew it til the date that all my tracks were made
Life it becomes real when you step outside of the walls they paved enslaved the thoughts inside your head to try and take over your brain

Now it's back to back
White v black again
Judging the product from the color of the writers skin
There's so much more to rap then blacks who actin ignorant
It's y'all who are the pigs for thinking like this in the time we live
Get your head out the gutter don't mutter a single word you cannot call me Eminem just cause I'm white man that's absurd inferred how I would sound but now you quote my lyrics word for word
Admit your jealousy toward me you have because I am preferred

And what's the deal with propaganda on the Internet, little girls on Twitter y'all stealing their innocence
From alphabets to cigarettes to Romeo and Juliet the thought of sex that they reflect as young as 12 so ignorant

Truth be told that the truth is told
I have yet to find a component I'm still unopposed
So if you wanna try and knock me down I'll let you go against me
But the way I'm flashing words you'll leave the scene with epilepsy

Think it's over well it's over well it's never over
Think I'm sober well I'm never sober
I thought I already told ya I'm never pulling over taking shots like Dellavedova crusin' in my Malibu which used to be a Range Rover

From HUD to CLE I keep the city lit
All on my own these lyrics grow inside my mind and sit
When I propose em basically the haters flip the switch
You hate me then you like me all because you know soon I'll be rich

They want a piece of cash, well here's a piece of mind
In due time you do find the things that make you shine
Some play football but I find my joy in spitting rhymes
I'd rather spread good vibes then play with balls in my free time

I'm off the topic let me rewind then replay
Nowadays it's all fake just rapping over drum breaks
From Trap beats and gun play
To the Bombay and blasé
It's just Too much to handle my Brains Boutta decay!
I'm bringing back the dope flow that Rakim started
So guess whose back to come attack again but now I'm heartless
I had like 30 songs but half of em have been discarded
Maybe if I did release i wouldn't find myself uncharted

I'm Tryna make this music hit the top
I knew it from the moment that I heard my brotha Pac
Spit shit so ridiculous meticulous with vigilance it makes me sick that sounds today are off the scale with dissonance

And it's not okay
Never will it ever be, no way
These radio tunes even though I fuck with drake
Word after word man it's sounding cliche

What we gotta do is remove the dudes who act cool rep swag and continue to brag bout cars they use and choose to act different then when they got interviewed cause he said money is nothing all he talks about is jewels!

Truth be told
The truth be told

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