Trumans Water – Limbs


Bastion unloads sheds ten years worth of skin
Stretches out wholly ignorant
Dirt spins free beneath it
Scrapes cake off the soft underbelly
Whatever's left can be flexed or streched clean
It answers glare with sheen
Tongue rib rib rib rib tail tongue
Fluid cycle trail

Plaster synapse gonna fuse and lag
Probably shoulda seen it coming if your mind was closed
Sweet pain you got free
Cost me your arms and legs
We wear our scars like badges
Sprout new limbs and strut about
Dead nerves jolt and buzz to life
Sweet pain you shoulda seen it coming

Miles of open mind all tolls and trolls
Cost a birthright hit us blind
Twin standards at each others throats
Yours dwarfed mine overblown
I pinched the stinger 'till it stung
The left side's gone completely numb
Made to feel like flinging things
Hanging matter hung

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