TripVZ – The Eviction Cypher
Genre Rap

The Eviction Cypher


Yo shoutout to Dozer for inviting me on this, shoutout to everybody on it, y’all are fuckin’ awesome!
Yeah, let’s kill this shit
Let’s make history baby!

Verse 1TrippyJ

See Dozer hit my line, he told me go and merc the beat
I told him that I would and that’s the second work this week
Don’t make waves but the boat’ll sink, Columbus holdin’ me
The focus seems a little blurry when I snap shots, I hold the key
Down when we shift through, y’all cappin to a T
You say that you a gangster, well I’m laughing through my teeth
Then those same people ask for handouts, I’m mad as you can see
Here’s a handout- I wish that I could smack you through the screen
But I gotta hold my tongue for thе Holy One, put a hole in one
And a holе in one, while I’m holding one
See y’all ain’t bolder than I
Y’all are stepping stones, they better know my standards I’m holdin’ em high
Chilly flows but I see why nobody’s are colder than mine
You’ll be flyin’ through the floor, that’s Aladdin’s carpet
A flappin’ shark skin, a magic wrench, a cabbage barkin’
This is the random shit my mind does when its damaged heart gets
A little tipsy, and that’s when the canvas darkens

Verse 2MSB

My debut of rappin’, man I hope this goes well
Had em wishin, throw a penny, and I click now we in hell
Nowadays all these rappers are spendin’ a life in jail
The only bars I see are the ones in their own cell
They like “how he get on this cypher? This lil bitch Australian”
For your own safety I would try and not say that again
Cause this ain’t got no safety, put it to your head
And cave it in, I’ll aim it in and [gunshot] there’s a bullet in your cranium
I ain’t playin’, got a lot of fake friends on my roster
I’m just saying among us, one of us an imposter
So much steam I got the game bars, I ain’t talkin’ hunter
I’ma hunt you with my gun up, Lookin’ for you until the sun up
Run up on me and I’ll hit you with a big mac
You want beef? I’ll double it, something like a big mac
Send you up to heaven with the arches like a big mac
Let off all these shots, I don’t even know where my clip at
A friend of me, the jealousy, the enemy, no tendencies
I’m mentally killing thee, pin the beast, one two three
I think I’m off then Hennessey, I look around and Hell I see
So please never mention me, remember me, MSB
Lick lick, take a big sip, make em spit quick with a spin kick
And a wrist split, take a quick pic, he a big bitch when I click click
With a full clip from my big stick, get to sprayin’ the air from a distance
The shots hit his dome and get dismissed, I’m the best in the game try and diss this

Interlude 1Red Riot

Yeah yeah
Red Riot in this bitch

Verse 3Red Riot

Brand new rapper, just made my channel like last week
But step to me and you’ll still get your fucking ass beat
I’m nasty like Nas and we’ll go viral as a lil’
I don’t have to do X’s to slay this shit so ill
Rap is a skill and it’s something I’ll become a master of
I’ll say whatever I gotta say to beat you fucking bastards up
I’ll hijack the mic and tell you to fucking beat it
You’ll be trippin’ worse than amputees when I turn you defeated
But don’t get it twisted or you might get evicted
My bars are prolific, you could say that I’m gifted
But I’m really just committed, addicted and witty with lyrics
Persistent, consistent, and fitted with gimmicks and limericks
So if we’re talkin’ who better than all
It won’t be y’all, so just get down and crawl
Down on your knees as you beg and you plead
I’ll kick you off the ledge
Have a great fall

Interlude 2Red Riot and KXZZ

Shout out to DZ and everyone else on the cypher
EquiNox on the beat! Ha!

Yeah, alright
Alright look
Yeah, yeah, ugh

Verse 4KXZZ

And I’ma spit just for a little
Always been the big brain like Malcolm In The Middle
Just like Dr. Doolittle I’m the cure for all you pussies
If I am the pro then go film cause you’s a rookie
Been workin’ on an album every day like every second
Disassociated, feelin’ disconnected, better check in
Try my shit, lil’ jit, yeah you finna reckon
Never play no games, I’ll kick your shit in like I’m playing some Tekken
Yeah, just for a second
Every word you spit it just shows that you chew tobacco
KXZZ a fucking goat, but I ain’t mean to foreshadow
Love a bitch from the south, word to Mulatto
I got the ten digits, like I won the fuckin’ lotto
And no one was fuckin’ with me except for the clique
Just a YouTuber with a couple of clicks
But now, keep reminding myself that life is pursuit of happiness
What you care about to go through all the fucking flashiness?
Do you got a talent or maybe you just be lacking it?
Shout out everybody on this cypher doing what they love
Breakin’ out of shells like a foot is to a slug
If you come at me, man I be comin’ for the jug
I’m like 8 Mile, yeah you more like let it shine
Tell em quit rappin’ yeah you wastin’ all your time
Feelin’ homicidal after killin’ every beat
Eighty-six the fucking game, yeah we do this for the team

Interlude 3Lyncs

This is Lyncs

Verse 5Lyncs

[To be added]

Verse 6EquiNox [Eddie Fries] and Lyncs

The takeover, y’all should come correct if you speak
You step against me or Lyncs, you know your head gonna leak

I murder you with every single sentence I wrote
Y’all cheap as pennies, wisen up before we makin’ you float

Y’all had better focus up, crossin’ me is your last choice
Give em shells to the back from these two cannons, Blastoise

Man I could write around you ‘til the lead inside my pencil snaps
But I ain’t takin’ pens when I say hollow points will get you capped

If anybody test us, I'ma pop up like annoying ads

You stains’ll bleed when I pick so it’s something like I’m itchin’ scabs

Y’all ain’t competition for the type of rhymes that I sire

Cause this the killer duo and you know we doggin’ this cypher

Verse 7EquiNox [Eddie Fries

Look I should introduce myself, I’m the producer smooth with tunes and bells
A nuisance too cause I can rhyme and unlike you I do this well
So you get shells from me if you dudes do continue to inhale
A few of you amuse me but your music’s true abusive hell
My name is EquiNox, that’s with a capital N
And y’all should learn to run the minute I’m uncappin’ the pen
Cause every scratch with the lead is just like a blast to the head
I be the mad Titan, leavin’ over half of them dead
Man I stay killin’ other artist’s tracks so every verse a horror feature
Psycho with a mask on, something like a horror feature
Horrid features on your face when tryna mess with this this figure
Step to me, I promise you this blade’ll leave you disfigured
Ain’t no one steppin’ to mine
I’m a veteran, only get better with time
When I go for the throat I be tearin’ their spine
Gonna go for the throne, no competitors I’m
The apocalypse, one of the coldest alive
When I’m poppin’ it, I get a hold of your life
To the populous I am a whole different type
I’m a god like Poseidon, the flow is divine
I know y’all probably asking why I spit so malicious
It’s cause I’m sick and tired of always tryna deal with you infants
This type of wack ain’t something with which I will still be complicit
So in this game don’t be surprised if I be leaving you finished
No I am not your producer and I ain’t never at your beck and call
This type of stuff’ll get this knife to gut down from neck to balls
I been appalled at all you kids who really got the effin’ gall
To treat me like I’m not some type of legend that could wreck you all
So when I come around I’m bangin’ on em ‘til their head is opened
Came into the scene to kill em all so crazy sick and foreign
When I spit these lines it’s really something that’s just wicked, morbid
Show up bangin’ at your door, this here is your eviction notice

Interlude 4TripVZ

You already know who it is!

Verse 8TripVZ

I am the other that looks sick booth
I be dropping bar like I was proof
If you keep lying through your teeth there won't be any truth
I be hitting this out this ball park like I was Babe Ruth
Dont be cappin in my comment section
Ill chop off your head and add you to my collection
I be spreading so much I am a infection
I dont need a condom for protection
Take this or learn a lesson
I be hackin your phone like I accessin
If you think you are a troll, you be messin
If you listen to this viewer descristion
I Be having these brain wave
Killing and Diggin peoples graves
Drop diss on me it won't make it out of this cave
I be throwing parties like I was having a rave
I be out of this world like mars bars
All the rest of you rappers be lookin for the stars
Ive been in so many battles I have scars
This cypher isnt mine but ours
I am callin out Ellijah and Justin to hop my next cypher
They will kill it like my next buyer
100 likes and a lyric video will drop
Everyone will be on top
Dm me if you want to hop in the workshop
Remember I am the one that made you Dizzy [DZ
I am like soda so I am getting fizzy
Dont be going in my dms because I am always Busy
I’ll murder this shit like Shizzy


Trip! Woo!

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