Tricycles – HOMEBODIES
Genre Rap


IntroChris Stvan

Verse 1Nicklaus Pangilinan

We ain't makin' bread, we ain't makin' cheddar cheese [cheddar cheese
Money every week - it ain't yet a guarantee [a guarantee
Runnin' to the riches got me weak inside my knees [inside my-inside my- inside my- inside my- huh?
Cheap food every night, never eatin' Japanese
Makin' alpha bets just to make my ends meet [ends meet
Talkin' bout' bets, but I know my ABCs [my ABCs
Micky Ds every week givin' heart disease
And my neighborhood pool my version of overseas

Verse 2Chris Stvan

InterludeCourtney Walsh

Verse 3Russell Rosal

OutroChris Stvan

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