Trevfrmdaslums – Chapel
Genre Rap


Okay I feel like
23 at chapel
I’m ballin'
Aaron mcgruder or old ass westerns I’m drawin’
A vivid picture for all the kids who get lost in
They contemplations can they make it to two five no coffin
That was us often
Back when mike jones would have us flossin'
On 84s then turn on TV screen watch Randy Moss em’
Weed smoke and sunshine
Lil Tunechi punch lines
They made me
Don’t need no cosign
I rap the front line
Can’t phase me
She fine like red wine, gave me the feline, she divine
Don’t shoot my shot I dunk from baseline
She love the hangtime
Now if I’m modest
I spit this shit so clean don’t check yo watch you know the time is
For me I'm bout to preach I hope you niggas get behind this
Eastside buffalo’s finest pay attention can’t rewind this

I don’t fuck with you niggas I feel like a feminist
And if the people be lookin' at you as the hero just call me the pessimist
Because I’m a villain and I don’t be feelin’ the shit you be spillin'
You putting the game in a deficit
Trev on the rise and my mama kept me alive I’m reapin’ the benefits
They say no guarantees, so I get on my knees, and I pray for this shit
Make it definite
I put my heart and my soul on the page
They see I’m poetically prevalent
If I see my name next money and fame
I would think it’s a helluva testament
It’s just the result of the pain and making a change
For change you can see that the hunger is evident

And me breathin' is evidence
Don't shoot my shot I dunk from baseline, like 23

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