Caught you on— [I caught you on the radar
I caught you on the radar
The devil's pulling my strings

Verse 1

Caught you on the radar
I don't know, you're getting far
You're not getting that far, caught you on the— [Yeah, look
Caught you on the radar, this isn't a freestyle
I don't know, you're just a kid, not senile
Senile—? I mean "In denial?"
I don't know about that shit, I'm just a little child
I caught up in hell, where the fuck is the devil?
Pulling my strings like puppetry, hello
Puppetry? I'm not Pinocchio
I don't even know, where the fuck should I go?
Where should I go? I'm stuck in this ground
I'm stuck in a tomb, I don't know, that's what I assume

Verse 2

That's what I assume, stop assuming my— [Uh
Stop assuming my life, I don't care, but, bitch, it's not right
It's not right, I mеan, it's not left
I don't care about that bitch, I fell
I don't givе a fuck about that shit
Ah, you're just fucking counterfeit
Counterfeit, I don't care
You can't count the money up
I don't care about that shit, get the fuck out my face, it's not funny, huh?
It's not funny, you see me laughing? [No
I don't care about that shit, you know that shit ain't no joke [Hmm]

Verse 3

Pulling my strings like the devil, uh
Yeah, pulling my strings like a puppet
I don't give a fuck, happy new year?
Get the fuck out my face, you don't run shit
You don't run shit like you're Usain Bolt
I don't give a fuck, it ain't no joke
Ain't no joke, ain't no Joker
Ain't kidding about it, shit, see me laughing—?

Verse 4

Making music is how I cope
I don't even know about that shit, you think it's just a joke
Just a joke? See me laughing? I'm like "No"
I'm not Joker, who's my Harley Quinn? ["I'm single", ok, whoa
I'm single like it's a—, uh, I'm single like it's a song
Get the fuck out my face, like "I'm done with that nigga"
Yeah, baby, just "take off your thong, take off your thong"
I'm just trying to hit it up all night"
I don't even know about that, shit, I really think it's not really right? [Uh
You know we stick together, we been together [I don't know
It's too cold, where is my sweater? I don't even know
Cold like the weather, is it raining or is it hailing?
I don't give a fuck about that bitch, am I prevailing? [Hm
I'm united like a master, I don't care about disaster
I don't care, it's disaster [Ah], I'm just stuck in the plaster
Stuck in the plaster, I'm not a damn master
I don't even know, I'm not stupid, you should've asked them
Oh my god, my skin is darkened like it's ash
I don't know, she got smacked on her— [Nah
Nevermind, Pokemon trainer like it's Ash
I don't know, I'm in a clan, about to clash


I'm about to crash
Nevermind, I'm about to fucking spazz

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