Trapp XL – First last talks
Genre Rap

First last talks

Yeh, it's first last talks
The realest of the real ya' digg
Listen up
Hello my name is XL and I am an addict [YYAAA
Itching for power and money and fame a bad bitch [She bad
Keto flo' so I don’t eat cake but I have it
I don’t want my mother to hear this and think I'm a savage [Chai
But I am a savage and I rampage
And I kills the pussy give a bandage
I might brand it then stamp it like fuck!
Hmm, habits
I got so many bad habits
I kill a boy oh it's so tragic
[Mr. kill a man now he live lavish]

But still manaman wanna test me [Test me?
‘Cos dem gyal wanna touch and caress me
Move forward ingest me
So they don't vex me, prеss me stress me hmm
Nah, yo dudе no could you, could you loop the beat bro
What do you mean no
Dude I told you a thousand times
It has nothing to with your girl, that’s all in the past
Man, what do I pay you for then
Oooo see dude the deal with my bank account right now
Alright man suit yourself, no worries
[There is God O
Alright uh, one more time from top please
[Talk to me XL]

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