Trannysaurus Sex – Can't Say
Genre Rock

Can't Say

You once told me to [?
About all the things you hoped to be
But when the days were gone
You couldn't believe
How the things that [?
And then you looked at me

And I think we’re going
Higher still
We'll go higher as we win [?
Oh, [?
Fire in my veins
Can you touch me without the pain?

Alone inside

You and I, over the sea
There's where we learned about what
You turned out to be
And the city lights shine from your face
There was a perfect moment of grace

Oh, can you feel it?
Higher still
We’ll go higher, such a [?
Oh, [?] lives
Fire, burning bright
Oh, [?] today
Remember when I took your hand?
And led you out to see the band?
You're handsome, fragile, small in mind
And all you need then is a little time

Oh, you [?] ever [?
You just stop by on your way
Oh tell me, [?] about some day
And I think you're the only [?] has it this way

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