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Ride Or Die lyrics

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August 3, 2022

Ride Or Die lyrics

[Verse 1]
When you and him don't work hit my line
I'll be waiting
I know how to be patient
That little nigga don't deserve you
You need a nigga like me that's ready to come through, baby
That's really with the fall through
Someone to really put it on you (Sheesh)
I can't express the feeling that I am feeling
I shitted on you right when you was in the building
I had a chance with you, chance to romance with you
But a nigga never took a stance with you
My bad, I want it back now
I'ma be taking care of your every tab now
He not gon' ride for you
Bet he not gon' slide for you
That nigga better be rеady to die for you
Cause I'd ride for you
You'd ridе for me
I'd slide for you
You slide for me
I'd die for you
And you die for me, yeah

[Verse 2]
Bet he don't even know your birthday
I bet he put you through the worst days
Girl why you with him in the first place?
I know I missed my chance, but I'm back again
Right now I'm back and I'm better
Ready to win, yeah, yeah
Our bond was never really broken
I feel like we just wasn't focused
Me and you, we haven't spoken
I wonder if you quit the smoking
Please don't let that new nigga boost your head up
I know that you done, girl I knew you fed up
Girl he can't compare, me and you was better
Girl we should've got through that rainy weather
Was too big of a storm
Would you take me back or would you rather be alone, girl?
I'll be by the phone
No matter what, girl you know that this is home, yeah
Cause I'd ride for you (For you)
You'd ride for me (For me)
I'd slide for you (For you)
You slide for me
I'd die for you (For you)
And you die for me, yeah
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