Traceco, Vedra – Train to Yesteryear
Genre Pop

Train to Yesteryear

IntroVedra & Traceco

Ohhhhhh Ahhh
And if I took the train to yesteryear


The bright times are over
I smiled a real smile in October
In that year, I saw the leaves fall
Now I'm here surrounded by my own four walls

Before chorusTraceco

Trapped, in frames of time elapsed
I wander, timelines past
I’m lost in, the age of before
I reach out but all I can touch is no more

ChorusVedra & Traceco

All my clockwork's degrading
Blind to the place once so clear
Can we stop the memories from fading
Oh if I took the train to yesteryear


I'm winding back over
Now I walk on the path I believed
It's not what I thought, what it seemed, a scheme
Tell me why the world's on fire, burning me alive


Ohhh, like sand falls, I'm falling apart
Can I just restart
All the while
I'll be running miles
Till this lingering trial
Is over

ChorusVedra & Traceco

Where is the gleam of the evening?
I don't want the future so near
Could I stay in that dream I was dreaming?
Oh if I took the train to yesteryear

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